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Monday, January 14, 2008

Charmaine Sheh not in a rush to get married

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[Chengdu Daily 14/01/2008]

Yesterday afternoon, the street outside a Macau style café restaurant [Star Cafe] suddenly became very lively. It turns out that the two investors of the restaurant; Kenny Bee and Charmaine Sheh are making their rounds to check on the business. In addition, popular TVB supporting actor Louis Yuen also came to help promote the restaurant. Seeing that the business is very good, the two 'bosses' feels happy, smiling throughout the day. They constantly joke with the reporters and obliged to fans requests for autographs and pictures. Charmaine who have just attended Ada Choi's wedding expressed that she is not in a hurry to get married as she is still focusing on her career. Kenny Bee disclosed that he will be having his own guitar label and will be concentrating in his upcoming concert in March.

Wearing a red dress matched with black leggings, Charmaine looked splendid and impressed the crowd when she appeared. The atmosphere becomes excited and lively. She has just attended fellow pal Ada Choi's wedding and presented the newlyweds with swarovski crystal figurines. Although she has numerous rumors, but the popular TVB actress is still single at the moment and busy working to consolidate her status. She expressed that she is still in her prime, therefore she placed her career at 1st spot and doesn't have much attention for romance for now. Some reporters took opportunity to ask about the status struggle between her and Gigi Lai, which Charmaine declined to answer with a smile.

As for Kenny Bee, he appears to be in high spirit yesterday and happily expressed: "The business is good and earning profit, what’s not to be happy about?" Previously Kenny has published an autobiography 《麦当劳道》which narrates his story during his highest fame, his high profile divorce and bankruptcy, disclosing his personal bittersweet experiences. Kenny said that the book is selling well as they will be printing the 3rd edition in this month. Kenny who has gone through a bankruptcy not only invested in a restaurant now, he also created his own guitar label. His first design will be available for sale this month, and it is believed that the guitars will be made of high quality with expensive price tag. "This is high quality stuff, we should be looking at quality not quantity!" In addition, Kenny will be fully concentrating on his upcoming concert in March: "I am set to challenge myself. We have already planned the performances, but still need to rehearse."

TVB's popular supporting actor Louis Yuen was also there to support his friend's restaurant. Last year, Louis won 'Best Supporting Actor' with his role in [Heart of Greed]. He told reporters that he will be filming the sequel 《家好月圆》 after Lunar New Year and the cast is the same as the original series. The storyline will be about family struggle again, which is popular among HK audiences. He also disclosed that TVB will be introducing a Olympic news program in August and a lot of popular hosts will be appearing in the show. Apart from sport news, they will introduce a new format to audiences in entertainment perspective.

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Image Hosted by The restaurant is co-invested with Eric Tsang and some entertainment artistes. Charmaine probably invested in her mum's name as her mum are longtime friends of Kenny, Eric and Nat Chan. Hope that the investment will continue to profit!

Added: Pics of the restaurant, taken by fans :)

Updated 16/01/2008:

I have posted Charmaine's TVB contracted artistes pictorial below, so don't forget to check it out! Kind of curious why Mike He was not featured, since I did saw some Taiwan artistes pictorial below.

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