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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

27/1: NZX Spring Concert

Note: To avoid confusion, I will only translate news that are relevant to Charmaine & TVB only.

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NZX Spring Concert

Supportive fans standing in the rain, Charmaine gave wonderful performance

[Oriental Daily 29/1/2008]

To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year, 8TV and NZX Commercial Centre collaborated and held a Spring Concert 《牛車水超勁歌樂迎花春》on 28 January. The venue was filled with audiences exceeding expectation. The artistes that made appearances were Louis Yuen, Michael Miu, Charmaine Sheh, Dylan Liang, Danny One, Quan Nan Ban, Andrew Tan, Stella Chung, Point Blanc and John Wong. Among them, Andrew and Charmaine has most fans cheering for them.

Louis who originally cancelled his trip was able to make his appearance that evening. When Dylan praised that Louis is good looking, he was teased back: "Does that mean I look ugly onscreen?" Louis mentioned that he will be filming the sequel of [Heart of Greed] and also a new season of Super Trio with Eric Tsang. Louis sang Jay Chou’s popular tune [Stars] and garnered plenty of cheers.

When Michael appeared, the crowd immediately shouts "Sam Gor" (Michael's nickname). Since he owned an eyewear store in Hong Kong, Michael joked that he has too many sunglasses so he wore one here. Michael expressed that he is currently working with Anita Yuen on new series [Suspicious Love].

The crowd began to cheer loudly when Charmaine appeared onstage. Dylan immediately transformed into a small fans and shake hand with her. Charmaine thanked her fans for their support as they stood in the rain waiting for her.

Charmaine expressed that she have just invested in a "Star Café" restaurant in Chengdu (Mainland China). Dylan asked if she will open one in Malaysia and also asked the fans if they will support the restaurant? The fans immediately screamed "Yes!" Charmaine happily replied: "I can open whatever kind of business here then!" During her performance, Charmaine invited some fans to join her onstage dancing to "Fa Fa Yu Chou" (Colorful Universe). Afterward she gave a heartfelt singing of George Lam's "Fen Fen Zhong Sui Yiu Nei" (Needing you every minute).

In the end, all the artistes joined together and sang new year song 《祝福你》, ending the concert with a sweet note.

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Downpour at concert couldn't stop Charmaine from dancing

[Chinapress 29/01/08]

Lunar New Year is coming soon, therefore a group of performers gathered at the newly opened NZX Commercial Centre for a Spring Concert with their fans. However, instead of spring weather it attracted a huge downpour. The show has to be momentarily stopped because of this.

The weather is on Charmaine & Michael's side

Luckily the show was only stopped for 5 minutes. The rain stopped about an hour afterward, allowing the stars of the night Michael Miu and Charmaine Sheh to appear onstage escorted by famous model Amber Chia and Alan Yun. Michael who owned an eyewear store even showed off his sunglasses, adding more charisma to his appearance.

When Charmaine sang "Fa Fa Yu Chou", she invited 5 fans onstage and happily danced with them. It seems that losing out of the Favourite Actress at Astro Award last evening doesn't affect her mood at all. The crowd is amused with the fans funny dancing.

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NZX Spring Concert filled with starry charms

[Kwongwah evening news 28/01/07]

The Spring Concert started at 7.30pm and was attended by stars such as Charmaine Sheh, Michael Miu, Louis Yuen, John Wong, Andrew Tan, Stella Chung, Quan Nan Ban Junior and Point Blanc. The emcee for the evening is Dylan Liang.

Charmaine singing is not bad

When Louis appeared, Dylan praised him as good looking. Louis expressed that he will be hosting a new season of [Super Trio] and filming [HOG2] after Lunar New Year celebration.

Afterward, "Sam Gor" Michael strutted on the stage with famous model Amber Chia. Although in his 50's, he is still very charismatic.

The star of the night Charmaine appeared with male model Alan Yun. Excellent in acting, her singing is not bad either. Her rendition of "Fa Fa Yu Chou" and "Fen Fen Zhong Sui Yiu Nei" have their own special style to it.

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Charmaine Sheh sing and dances – Michael Miu the "Housewife Charmer"

[Sinchew 29/01/08]

To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year, a Spring Concert was held at NZX commercial centre on the January 27th. The originally fair weather suddenly transformed into a heavy downfall, causing a slight chaos. However this have not affected the artistes in their performances.

The star of the evening Charmaine Sheh led 5 fans to dance along onstage while singing "Fa Fa Yu Chou". She smiled and said that the best dancer will get to win a special prize. One of the male fans mistook the prize for 42 inch LCD TV and immediately danced wildly.

But the real prize is taking a picture with her onstage. Maybe the male fan will feel disappointed?

Charmaine is feeling ecstatic the whole evening, very 'high' and is playful with the audiences. Certainly not a diva, she didn't stop laughing all night long and even blew kisses to fans below the stage.

Apart from Charmaine, Michael is very popular as well. He is not only well received by the middle age group, he is popular with young fans as well. The fans couldn’t stop shouting his names.

Louis Yuen who came with them performed Jay Chou's [Stars]. The funniest part is when Dylan praised him as good looking, he jokingly retort: "You mean I’m ugly onscreen?" causing the host to be momentarily speechless.

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Sehseh's Diary

The fanclub decided to gather at NZX at earliest as possible to grab the best spot for the concert since it's free standing. Jessie and I were a bit late as we went to buy flowers for Charmaine, Tina (Charmaine's manager) and Michael Miu. When we arrived, gosh it was so hot and the earlier members are already saving us the best spot while standing under the sun. We basically spread our banners and baked ourselves till evening. As soon as the concert starts, it started to drizzle. We opened umbrellas and tried to protect our light boards from getting wet. Gosh, 15 mins later it started to pour - I mean cats & dogs type. We are all soaked because we are hanging on the fanclub light boards to prevent them from getting wet. I have to thank the other fans for sticking together with us, rain or shine (pun intended).

Additional pics credit to Ivy.

Charmaine is the star of the concert therefore she's the last one to perform. She sang 'Fa Fa Yu Zhao' (Colorful universe) and 'Fen Fen Zhong Sui Yiu Nei' (Needing you every minute). Her singing really have improved and she didn't ran out breath or tune even though she was singing live and dancing energetically! The audience went high! Seeing us singing along, Charmaine is really touched, and we made Tina proud! I will post the clips here after Patricia uploads them to

Pics by Patricia.

29/1/08 Departure back to HK

We went early to KLIA to prepare our souvenir to Charmaine but they arrived a little earlier than expected. Another surprise is Catherine Chow Ka Yee is there as well (she is one of Charmaine's best friend). Since the last two day was a personal trip for Charmaine, there were no bodyguards around. Everyone is in a good mood and Charmaine allowed us to snap as much pictures to our hearts content. Fans heard her speaking in english with the check-in clerk and her english is good.

Everyone have turn taking individual pics with Charmaine. I chatted a little with Tina and Ka Yee. Ka Yee is prettier in real life and she is very friendly. She told me that she's here for a holiday since she have friends here and Charmaine is coming as well. She is a very nice person, so I wish her all the best in her career!

Charmaine is very touched of our support and mentions that she will be discussing with Tina to arrange for a fansclub gathering here! OMG, we are on cloud 9 hearing that! So, have you signed up for Charmaine Official Fanclub yet?

p.s. Singapore fanclub is now officially under Malaysia division. Those who would like to join our family can email Patricia at

There's no age limit, apart from the minimum age of 16 years old. I'm in mid 20's myself, and I know there are fans that are married and have children so don't fret much about being 'too old'. Love for Charmaine knew no age!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans for their hardwork and co-operation. Charmaine and Tina really appreciate your effort and the fansclub is so proud. Thank you for making this a memorable event and I hope those that participated had a good experience. We might organize a simple get together meal in the future, so I hope you all will be able to join us. I'll discuss with Patricia for the possible date, maybe after CNY.

More pics and clips coming up.

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