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Monday, January 28, 2008

26/1: Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007

Note: To avoid confusion, I will translate news that are relevant to Charmaine only.

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Departure from HK airport:

Image Hosted by

[Singtao, Tom Ent 27/01/08] TVB artistes head out to Malaysia for award ceremony

Raymond Lam, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Angela Tong, Bosco Wong and others went to the airport early in the morning together. Most of them wore sunglasses. Among them Charmaine is the most experienced as she have already asked her makeup artist to set her hairstyle and makeup at home before departing. She purposely set a 'shrimp tail' hairstyle so that her hair won't be messed up while catching 4 hours of sleep on the plane.

When she heard that Raymond forget his passport, she teased: "He was scheduled to sing at the award. In this case I'll temporarily stand in for him, I know his songs too."

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Arrival at KLIA, Malaysia

Sehseh's diary: The fansclub gathered at KL Sentral station at the given time and we headed to the airport via bus. It was great meeting familiar faces and also some new members joining our team. Not a boring second during the 1 hour plus trip as everyone was very excited and busy chatting on our favorite topic - Charmaine. Before that Jessie and I dropped by at Pasar Seni to buy a lovely bouquet of white roses (her fav!) on behalf of the club.

Pics by Patricia.

Reached the airport 40 mins before their arrival. There were other fansclub waiting as well, such as Gigi's and Bosco's. A little 'hi' here to Bosco fans as they are a friendly bunch. Charmaine and the rest of TVB artistes came out 30 mins after the airplane landed. They were in a hurry but happy mood, especially Charmaine who saw us waving the banners. I somehow got 'trapped' in the security circle and handed Charmaine the presents (yes Rachel, Fongie4 - mission accomplished).

Additional pics credit to Ivy.

Stars that are present: Charmaine, Sonija, Gigi, Roger, Bosco, Wayne, Michael, Lai Suen, King Sir & Angela Tong. They left in a big tour bus so us fans can snap pictures to our hearts content outside the bus. Charmaine and Sonija are like twins joined at the hip, chatting non-stop and sometimes making jokes with Roger who sat in front.

Red Carpet & Award Presentation

Red Carpet: Charmaine & Raymond

Clip credit to Freddy.

Here's the original version by Astro:

Credit to Fung Forever.

Translation of their conversation:

Charmaine: Hi everyone! Hi Malaysian friends! Thank you for supporting us even in the rain.
Ray: Charmaine already represent what I want to say. I'm happy to meet the Malaysian fans. Thank you Astro for an annual gathering like this.
MC: Among the 3 leading actress in DOP, who do you think stand the most chance to win Fav Actress?
Charmaine: I'll be happy if any three of us win. Because we underwent so much filming this series. I can't describe how toiling it was. The condition is really harsh, it's in a desert and we are always dirty. And we doesn't look pretty at all.
Ray mentions something (can't hear)
MC: Among the Fav Actress candidates, whom you think will win?
Ray: The Best Actress that co-operated most with me is Charmaine. We almost worked together every year for quite some time. Her acting is 'mo dak ting' (slang for great in cantonese). Therefore I'll definitely support Charmaine.
MC: Then Charmaine will you support Ray for Fav Actor award?
Charmaine: Basically I have always been supporting him for a long time.
Ray: I'd knew she'll say that.
Charmaine: Since his album was released, I purchased them not only for myself but as gifts to other people too.
MC: Wow, so you are his fans too!

Raymond singing "Love looking for you in memory" (updated full version)

Thanks to bigpig59 for uploading, credit to Fung Forever.

Lol... There's a brief shot where Charmaine was caught unaware singing along. Haha.. She was a little embarrased when she saw herself onscreen - so cute!

I will post the full version of the award presentation when they are available.

Charmaine won My Favorite Character Award for her role Ka Chun Fen in [Dance of Passion]. The highest award Best Series was unexpectedly won by [Forensic Heroes]. Kevin and Charmaine were a little awkward in receiving the award and explained that they are accepting the award on behalf the FH team as they're only in the sequel! Lol...

Image Hosted by
Charmaine mentions that she would like to participate in stage theatre this year.

Image Hosted by

[Sinchew 28/1/08] During the hosts' stand up comedy, Nat Chan & Chui Ling took opportunity to make jokes using the artistes name. They say that Charmaine and Bosco can't work together, because both of them will be 'Sheh Wong' (meaning lazy in cantonese slang). Bosco can't open a concert with Liza Wang either, because it'll be a 'Wong Chuin' concert (meaning Hell in cantonese) so it's very inauspiscious. Also the same for Charmaine and Kevin, because they will become a 'Si Ka' partnership (private in cantonese) and Nat throws in Benny Chan's rumor in as well. The hosts witty bantering not only received thunderous applause from audiences, but the artistes themselves are laughing hard and applauding.

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After the ceremony ended, the artistes celebrated with champagne and hope for a better achievement coming year.

Image Hosted by
Nat and Chui Ling keep making jokes, resulting in the artistes laughing non-stop the whole evening.

Image Hosted by
Raymond and Charmaine relationship is quite close, they're never apart starting from the red carpet walk to the end of award ceremony. They're like sticky red bean and not afraid of rumors.

Image Hosted by
Even though it started to rain, fans stayed put to support their idols.
(Sehseh: Lol... I was there, haha the bouquet of flowers covered my face)

Image Hosted by
The most humorous: Charmaine Sheh

Among the TVB artistes, Charmaine Sheh received the most cheers from audiences. Though she only won one award and sat the whole evening, her mood remains joyous and absorbed with the show. She often exchange banters with Raymond, seemingly not afraid of rumors. Maybe because they are away from the stalking of HK paparazzi, Charmaine's mood is much more relaxed. Her passionate fans are cheering on whole evening and she did not forget to stand up and greet them every now and then.

Image Hosted by
The most onscreen appearance: Nat Chan

Whenever an artistes receives their award, the first word they spoke is: "Thanks Nat Gor." It was very funny as everyone was a little fearful of Nat, making him a bit proud. When he saw Charmaine thanking him onstage, he joked: "You all don't need to thank me first, you can thank others as well." Charmaine is very witty and responded: "Because I received this award from Nat, therefore we feel very happy."

Left: Charmaine & Ray have a lot of fans supporting them.
Right: The artistes took a group picture after the ceremony ended.

If reposted, please give due credit.

Credit to Freddy.

Charmaine & Raymond walked very fast, so I didn't manage to get a good one of them, apart of them standing on stage.

Additional pics credit to Ivy.

Pics by Patricia.

Two more pics credit to xann from


Samantha said...

Hi Sehseh,

i got to know of your blog thru' Freddy.. my name is samantha from singapore.

i was thinking if you have some snapshot on the part where BOsco receive flowers from his fans. i was the one who handed him the flowers.. my friends and i were at the 1st row of fencing. i am thinking do you happen to have any picture of bosco's fan while waiting for the artiste to arrive?
I took some photos of the ray & charmaine. if you allow i can post on your blog?

Thank you for your help.

SAmantha Sim

sehseh said...

Hi Samantha, I don't have your pics but I think Patricia did take some for your fanclubs and you guys did the same too.

Maybe you can give me your email and I;ll ask Patricia to forward you the pics?

p.s. Thanks for offering the Ray & Charmaine fans. I'm delighted - please email me at
Btw you guys/gals are a great bunch. Here's a toast to another good fanclub!

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