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Monday, January 21, 2008

18-20 Jan 2008 News, pics & clips

I know everyone's pretty excited with Charmaine's recent trip to Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks to plenty of passionate fans, there are pics of the lovely Charmaine taken at event!

It's quite confusing at the moment, since the pics and clips of both days are still coming in. I'll try to organize the best I can, ok?


18 Jan 2008 (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

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Eating steamboat turned into staying at motel?
[Chinapress 21/1/2008]

Being accused of staying in a motel, Bobby feels injustice.

Bobby Au Yeung and Charmaine Sheh arrived at Johor Bahru's Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant yesterday to promote their series [Shine on You] and [Angels of Mission] which will be aired soon on TVB Xinghe channel.

At the press conference, Bobby mentioned about being wrongly accused by a tabloid magazine in Hong Kong recently. The incident happened after he finished filming [Forensic Heroes 2] and went out for a steamboat dinner at Kowloon City with the cast members such as Charmaine and Frankie Lam etc.

They were having their meal at the restaurant's 2nd floor, while upstairs are some low cost apartments. When they finished eating and started leaving, the HK paparazzi took his picture leaving the building. The next day, it was splashed across tabloid that he went to a motel (implying that he hired a prostitute). Bobby was extremely angry over this matter.

According to Bobby, due to this report he lost two endorsement deals and his image suffered a blow. His family's feelings were hurt to an extent as well.

"I am really upset. I will be taking legal actions against that magazine."

Charmaine who was sitting next to him suddenly shouted and grabbed Bobby's arm: "Luckily I did not went down the stairs with you, or else they would have written us going to motel together." The whole room burst into laughter.

Though earlier Bobby feel upset about this matter, he did not forget cracking jokes. He jokingly said that if he’s going to visit a motel, he won't be going to such cheap place! Everyone had a good laugh.

What is Bobby's plan after [FH2]? Bobby says that he will be filming 《尖子攻略》afterwards. In the series, his role is a successful bootleg importer who was forced to become a tutor after losing his job.

"This role is different from the principal role in [SOY]. He is passionate but uses strange method to teach while in [SOY] I'm a respectable principal."

In the new series, he will become Sheren Tang’s boyfriend later in the series. Bobby says that he hasn't worked with Sheren since 《娱乐反斗星》ten years ago and is now anticipating working with his old friend again.

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Charmaine Sheh is willing to strip if working for Zhang Yimou

Charmaine Sheh hopes to act in Zhang Yi Mou’s movie in the future. What if she was required to strip?

Charmaine who have a slim body was wearing a long sleeved white top and shiny jeans yesterday. As soon as she entered the room, she starts shaking from the cold aircond. However, she maintains a smiling face.

Having filmed movie [Lady Iron Chef] before, Charmaine hoped to be able to work with Zhang Yi Mou in the future, regardless of the type of role. She really admires his movies as they have a unique feel to them.

"To me, I do not mind about any role. If I had to strip, it must be a strong and daring script."

Similar with Bobby Au, Charmaine have just finished filming [Forensic Heroes 2] and currently is on a filming break. However, she will be filming new series 《东关飘雨西关晴》in March. It’s an early period drama. Charmaine mischievously says: "After filming this series, I wanted another holiday break because Hong Kong weather is really hot!"

In 《东》, Charmaine will be working the 4th time with rumoured boyfriend Joe Ma. Charmaine frankly said that she have been working with Joe for a few times, so if there is any rumours they should have ended by now. Therefore, she’s not afraid of rumours with him.

Bobby who was next to Charmaine commented: "Because she is beautiful, therefore it's easy to have rumours!" Charmaine is tickled by Bobby's words.

Charmaine who have a fragile appearance portrays a hotheaded and tough anti-terrorist officer in [AOM]. Charmaine said that she have injured herself while filming the series resulting bruises all over her body. However, she had fun filming and said that she won’t mind taking similar active roles in the future.

During the fans meeting session, Charmaine doesn't dare to walk into the crowd. The game session ended early with Bobby alone. Some fans are a little disappointed not being able to get in close contact with Charmaine.

(Note: The crowd was extra huge than anticipated and since the painful hair pulling incidence in Genting, Charmaine is afraid to go into the crowd as over-eager fans tends to grab their idols)

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Departing from HK, credit to Qeggegg from


Credits: 咸蛋小白菜 (left), Jessie & Melody (right)

Arrival clip:

Credit to Jessie & Melody

19 Jan 2008 (Singapore)

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Charmaine admits her voice is coy but she is not flirty

Charmaine Sheh is very soft spoken, but her gaze is intense. She keeps her tone down, but her words can weight a lot.

For example when reporters asked about Fala Chan calling Charmaine as flirty in Stephen Chan's [Be My Guest] show, Charmaine replied: "Flirty? I never heard that, though I do know people call me coy!"

(Note: In [BMG], Fala was asked about being labelled as flirty and she said that her manager said it’s okay being called that since Suki and Charmaine are labelled such too. Suffice to say, many are displeased with Fala and her manager for making such callous statement.)

Dey Jing or being labelled as coy, Charmaine did not mind discussing on this topic: "Every women have coyness in them, this represent their gentleness. It's just that the word coy now have been twisted." She admits that her image is very feminine, her voice is coy therefore she is labelled as such. However, she is not coy in personality.

What about flirty then? Charmaine teases: "If Fala meant 'flirty' represent sexy, then I have no problem..." Charmaine have a reserve attitude toward the letter 'flirty'.

However, Charmaine admitted that it's beneficial for artistes to have a talking point in the entertainment field.

Recently Charmaine have been urged by her mother to get married. Did she dodge from answering the question? "Yeah, my mum and grandmother keep saying I should get married, but I'll let fate to come along."

What kind of guy she is attracted to? "Being able to communicate and understand me, and giving me a comfortable feeling. On the looks, he just need to be taller than I am!" Charmaine is just 165cm tall, so it won't be too difficult.

In March, she will be filming 《东山飘雨西关情》with Liza Wang. They have worked together in [Glittering Days] and Charmaine really admires Liza. Filming with Liza means they can always finish work and go home on time. Charmaine compliments Liza for being understanding and have a forward thinking.

They will be filming《东》in Mainland China. There's a news saying that Charmaine's fees is RMB40,000 per episode and is the highest among her peers. Charmaine gave it a thought and said: "I'm happy being labelled earning so much, but honestly I only earn this much (using her hand to symbolise RMB20, 000)!"

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Credit to V.

Credit to Jessie

Clips at Starhub event:

Credit to Joyce.

20 Jan 2008 (Singapore)

News not available yet.


Credit to Jessie

Exclusive high quality pics from WWW.AH-SHEH.COM:

Maggie will update with more pics later, so don't forget to visit!

Clips at Starhub event:

Credit to Joyce.

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