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Friday, December 28, 2007

Yoyo Mung & Charmaine Sheh Both Wish to Get Married

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[Oriental Daily 28/12/2007]

Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam Man Lung, and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing filmed a wedding scene for "Forensic Heroes 2" 《法證先鋒Ⅱ》.

Since Yoyo and Bobby's characters get married, they had to exchange a kiss. However Yoyo complained, "Bobby and I have kissed too many times in the past, therefore there is no special feeling left. Also, it is disappointing that he is a married man."

"But I have to admit that filming this wedding scene was very comfortable, as I can wear sneakers under my dress."

When asked about her dream wedding, Yoyo smiled, "I would like to hold my wedding at a botanical garden." When does Yoyo intend to get married? "If a wedding involves only one person, I would get married tomorrow! Since it involves two people, it will have to wait longer."

When Bobby overheard Yoyo saying that he was married and no longer available, he teased, "Yoyo is also 'off the market.' Her dating relationship with Ekin Cheng is an open secret! Yoyo is really happy that she is dating."

Charmaine Sheh acted as Yoyo's maid-of-honor in the wedding scene. Charmaine admitted she had numerous dreams about her future wedding. "I would like to get married, but I am not overly anxious to do so. I would like to feel the joy that marriage brings. In the past, I often dreamed of a lavish wedding."

Did the right man appear in Charmaine's life yet? "No, not yet. I hope to find a man who is compatible and that I can feel happy with." Did Charmaine's numerous rumors decrease her chance of meeting the right man? "I believe in destiny. Rumors should not have any effect."

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Frankie Lam birthday surprises

[Sina 28/12/2007-12-28]

Frankie Lam recently reached the age of 40 and he celebrated with his wife Kenix Kwok on his birthday eve. Kenix bought him limited edition clothes as birthday present, making Frankie very happy. He was filming (FH2) on the day of his birthday and Kevin treated him to a special meal. Actually Kevin knew about his birthday and the bigger surprise: He was filming in Tsim Sha Tsui and his fans were already waiting there to celebrate with him. In addition, fellow cast members like Bobby Au, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng and Yoyo Mung presented him with a birthday cake. Even TVB executives Virginia Lok and Chan Pui Wah came to visit, making Frankie feel extremely touched. When he popped the champagne, mainland tourists gathered into a crowd to watch. Frankie expressed that he did not expect to receive these 3 wonderful surprises, even Charmaine who didn’t have to work that day came, and so many people wishing him happy birthday.

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Sehseh: Happy Belated birthday to Frankie!

Frankie's fansite have taken some pictures at the birthday party, you can also view them at No repost allowed without prior permission from, so I can't post them here. A sample:

Hehe check out the other pics; Charmaine's really close friends with Bobby :)

View all the pics here:

Note: Charmaine also updated her TVB blog yesterday, so do drop by and leave a message!

Last but not least, here's preview clip of TMO... TVB Calendar 2008 for the month of November. Credit to Bebe from

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