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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Star Awards 2007: Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh thanks fans for their support


Raymond and Charmaine wins "Most Favorite Hong Kong TV Actor and Actress"

Live online interview at backstage:

Raymond Lam busy promoting his music album while Charmaine Sheh will take a break after filming current series.

Host Wong He: Hi QQ internet fans, this is a live interview straight from QQ Star Awards 2007. Sitting next to me are old friends of mine, who commented that I looked thinner the moment they saw me. Welcome Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh.

(Sehseh's note: Wong He is the host who interviewed them during their previous QQ chat for [Drive of Life])

Ray: You slimmed down.

Host: Thanks, hearing this is my biggest consolation. The last you went to my show, that was half year ago (time passed quickly). What did you win?

Ray: Favorite Hong Kong TV Actor of the Year.

Charmaine: Actress.

Host: Both of you are really well liked, I went online and saw your votes, they were rising rapidly.

Charmaine: Really thankful to every fans that voted for us. I love you so much (laughs).

Ray: Thanks.

Host: Since it's the end of the year, this could be a conclusion for 2007, you two were extraordinary busy, including taking part in collaboration series with Mainland. What are your plans for 2008?

Charmaine: Filming series as usual.

Host: Workaholic.

Charmaine: After finishing the current series, there should be a 2 months break to rest.

Ray: I'm really envious.

Host: How about you?

Ray: I have just released a new music album, therefore I will only begin filming new series in February next year.

Host: Charmaine do you sing too?

Charmaine: Before this.

Ray: Her singing is nice.

Charmaine: If there is opportunity, I will sing series themesong.

Host: Ray currently are a little busy due to promoting his new album.

Ray: It's a new experience for me. I will try my best (laughs).

Charmaine: He sings really well.

Host: I can see that. I was hoping that he will sing a tune when you complimented him (laughs).

Host: Again, congratulations on winning the awards. I hope to see you soon on our online chat show in the future.

Ray: Definitely.

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More pics:

On a sidenote, [The Drive of Life] won Best Collaboration Series with Tommy Leung and Joe Ma accepting the award.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI love Charmaine's red dress - simple and elegant. Charmaine did not walked the red carpet because her flight only arrived in Beijing after 5pm (the event started at 6pm). Her schedule is quite tight as she rushed from filming FH2 in HK, and she have to go back tomorrow.

Some pictures of Charmaine at HKIA airport on Dec 17:

Credit to Maggie from

Added short news clip of Charmaine:

Credit to Bebe from

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