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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now watching: Da Ren Wu 大人物

Warning: Major spoilers in the MV!

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9 mins MV Trailer

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It's been quite some time since I last shared with other people about the non-TVB series I'm currently watching.

I'm recently watching Da Ren Wu (or Big Shot in english) starring Nicholas Tse, Angelica Lee, Yan Kuan and Liu Tao. It's an adaptation from GuLong's wuxia novel with the same title. This is my second Mainland China series this year after the mega long series Wang Zhao Jun (starring Gallen Lo & Rain Li).

Back to the series Da Ren Wu. I'm up to episode 10 at the moment and so far the series pace is going well. I heard that the series will drag in the latter half (then again, which series doesn't?) but right now the suspense is killing me especially with Yeung Fan (Nic's character). This series is also loaded with beautiful people, I mean some of the supporting roles also look kick-ass stunning like Qin Ge, Fei Wu Ji, Hao Er… heck even Angelica's maid is bubbly cute.

The sad part is that I'm busy moving house this week so that means I probably won't have time to finish the series until 2nd week of January 2008. Have anyone watched this series yet? Feel free to spoil me by posting comments in this post (not in cbox please).

Some questions I have at the moment (SPOILERS, please skip if you don't want to be spoiled)

1. Is the current Yeung Fan (Nic) the real Yeung Fan? I have a hunch that the real softie Yeung Fan died after falling of the cliff and he was replaced by the crazy man in the hut (I assumed he was the missing guy from the sect)?

Because in the original novel, the plot twist is that Yeung Fan is real after all but I heard they will change it in the series.

2. If that is so, did Yeung Fan father know this? Was he so ambitious that he is willing to remove his dying son's face to complete the mission?

3. Who is the villain in the gold mask?


Jenny said...

omg i'm watching this too so here are some SPOILERS so far

You were right. the real yeung fan died but after awhile later in the serie. he was replaced with the crazy guy (father knew the whole time!)

at the second, i think teh villain in the mask is the lady's (with the sect that has tang ga and yeung fan) husband. just a guess becuase usually the good guy is the bad guy in the end like in wind and cloud II

sehseh said...

Thanks Jenny. I just finished watching the series.

I wonder what happened to Fei Wu Ji, if he died like Qin Ge because both of their internal energy was sucked by Ngok.

I feel bad for Hou Yee, the girlfriend of real Yeung Fan. She waited and waited, only to think he married another girl and went on with his life, forgetting about her.

Jenny said...

Oh i'm not done watching it yet. I'm at the point that Yeung Fan finds out he's not the real one. Around the time where his wife is mourning her father's death.

Yes. i do feel sorry for Hou Yee. Her story was soo tragic. To think the one you love has forgotten you and fallen in love with another. Plus the disease that made her forget everything. So sad!

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