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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Forensic Heroes 2: The stalwart female cop

Mag scans credit to Maggie from

Note: Some spoilers below.

In [Forensic Heroes 2], Charmaine played the role of a tough female cop. She will have plenty of dangerous stunt scenes in this series. Recently she filmed an action scene on a rooftop. In the scene, Lai Lok Yi took hostage and Charmaine chased him up to the rooftop to rescue the hostage. Amidst the confusion, the hostage was pushed off the building and Charmaine grabbed a hold of her. Lai Lok Yi almost escaped but back-up finally arrived and arrested him.

Though they do use stunt doubles for action scenes, but Charmaine performed some of it on her own. She thanked the stunt team in ensuring her safety, as she did not injured herself. However, the scene did damaged her shoes (worth $4000 over - from Charmaine's personal wardrobe) but she didn't mind as it was better than getting injured.

(Sehseh's note: Charmaine usually sponsor her own wardrobe when filming modern series)

Here's some recent filming pics of FH2:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWah... Charmaine and Kevin looked so 'ying' (suave) in their action scenes. I wonder if (stingy) TVB bought insurance for their artistes?

These remind me of Charmaine's Ah Fa in AOM, which happens to be my favorite Charmaine role for a modern series. I love the blazers and jacket in both series.

Meanwhile, check out the new sales presentation clips in my post below.

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Yiing Fern said...

Wasn't Lai Lok Yi one of the suspects in a crime in part 1?

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