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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Feng Shao Feng (Feng Wei) seriously injured in car accident

[Shanghai news centre 22/12/2007]

Feng Shao Feng: Please do not replace my role

Due to filming [The Drive of Life], Hong Kong audiences are familiar with mainland actor Feng Shao Feng. Two days ago, he was involved in a car accident while on his way to airport, resulting internal bleeding in his brain, two broken ribs and a torn ear. From the newest update, Shao Feng has already woke up from coma but couldn't recollect fully on the accident. Because there is some blood clot in his brain, he is now staying hospital under medical monitoring.

Shao Feng was at Huangdian filming TV series [Rose of Jianghu] for the role of Cen Ye Tong. The reporters interviewed producer Yu Zheng regarding the accident. He expressed that on that day, Shao Feng has to attend a program in Beijing and applied leave from filming. He left with his driver to airport. When they reached the highway, Shao Feng told the driver he know the way and drove the car to airport by himself. Unfortunately, he was involved in car accident and his Audi A4 was terribly wrecked from the collision. Shao Feng went into coma and was immediately sent to hospital.

Possibility of brain surgery to remove blood clot

According to Yu Zheng, the filming team was shocked when they received the news, with actress Huo Si Yan fainting on the spot. He have just visited Shao Feng at the hospital along with the cast. Shao Feng have begun to regain consciousness, but he need to recuperate for a while. The most worrying matter at the moment is the blood clot in brain, if they could not dissolve, there is a possibility of brain surgery to remove them.

Professionalism touches the producer

Due to Shao Feng losing partial memory of the accident and he was driving alone at the time, it would be difficult to find out what is responsible for the accident so they will just leave it to the police to investigate.

Yu Zheng told the reporters that the moment Shao Feng regained consciousness, his first action is to feel his own face because the worst fear for an artiste is facial disfigurement. "When I saw him, he held my hand and said: Please don't replace my role, I really love this character." Yu Zheng was touched by Shao Feng professionalism and promised not to replace his role, insisting to wait until he recover.

Shao Feng and [Rose] team was supposed to film until end of February 2008. Due to the accident, filming of his part had to be delayed. In addition, his company have already arranged another series in March but it seems like it have to be canceled now.

Good friend Raymond Lam sent his regard via sms

As for Raymond Lam, who became good friends after filming [TDOL] become worried when he received the news from other friends. He tried calling Shao Feng but couldn't get through the phone there he sent text messages asking how he's doing. Ray expressed that he didn't dare to disturb Shao Feng for now, therefore he will try to contact him again later. After finding out from reporters that Shao Feng have regained consciousness, Ray feel much relieved and wish him a speedy recovery. Ray expressed that it is common for artistes to film day and night, therefore it will be much safer to employ a driver.

News of the accident: (Note: Pictures of the car wreck, do not read if you feel uncomfortable)

Sehseh: I was really shocked when I read about the news yesterday. I was wondering whether I should translate this news, but there might be a lot of fans concerned about his condition at the moment, therefore I decided to post it up.

Hope he get well soon, will be praying for his speedy recovery.

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