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Friday, December 21, 2007

Charmaine Sheh: I need to have a boyfriend to get married!

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[ 21/12/2007]

Yesterday, TVB have organized a 2008 Sales Presentation event at Guangzhou, Mainland China. A huge group of artistes including Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Joyce Tang, Suzanna Kwan, Louis Yuen and MHK Kayi Cheung attended the event. The artistes are interviewed at backstage. Charmaine was asked if she have considered getting married, and she jokingly replied: "Actually I wished the same each year, hopefully it'll be next year!"

Reporters asked if she will be "pulling the curtains together" (a cantonese slang for getting married), she replied: "I don't even have a boyfriend, how to get married? The only 'curtains' I'd be pulling close is the curtains at home."

The reporters also asked if she will disclose her rumored boyfriend. "Actually there's no need to disclose. All these are just rumors written by them (tabloid)." Will she be watching the Olympics next year? "I hope so. I already applied for leave, it would be great if I can watch the gymnastics event."

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Image Hosted by Hehehe... Charmaine is so funny with her answers. It's great to know that Charmaine already applied for her annual leave next year - she'd most probably visit her mum in Hawaii.

p.s. Malaysian fans, keep voting for Charmaine at Astro WLT Drama Award 2007!!!

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