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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Charmaine Sheh Has Had Another Plentiful Year

10 December 2007
Emma Lam

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Suki Chui (徐淑敏) were the guests at the Christmas lights switch on ceremony at the StarWorld Hotel and Casino today, dressed in sexy and elegant evening gowns for the occasion.

Asked about her fee for the event, Charmaine smiled that it was very satisfactory and as she has had another fruitful year, she will be buying herself a Christmas gift as a reward. She revealed that she will be working over the festive period this year.

With reports that although Gigi Lai (黎姿) won the TVB anniversary award for Mainland's Favourite Actress, she has lost out to Charmaine in terms of fees, Charmaine admitted that her salary has risen sharply after the airing of War And Beauty <金枝慾孽> in the mainland, as have the other cast members' fees. Asked about the suggestions that "good friend" Benny Chan (陳浩民) is prepared to drop his fee if he can film with her, she said that these false reports are not to be believed.

Suki said happily that she has had a lot of work this year, so she has saved enough money to buy herself a new car as a reward. Asked which model she will be buying, Suki said that she is considering buying a BMW.

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Suki Chui Avoids Overshadowing Charmaine Sheh

[Mingpao 11/12/07]

Charmaine Sheh and Suki Chui were at Macau's Star World Hotel yesterday for the Christmas lighting ceremony. Both actresses were wearing sexy frocks but Suki wore a black boob tube underneath to cover herself. It seemed she was afraid of stealing the spotlight from her Miss Hong Kong predecessor, Charmaine.

Regarding who was in the limelight, Charmaine replied, "I worked with Suki before to film a series but this is our first time together at this sort of event. The only reason why the organisers invited us both to come is because they admire us. Suki has a very healthy image." When asked to comment on a new report stating that she is extremely marketable in Mainland when it comes to doing shows, Charmaine said, "I really haven't read about it but the payment I receive for doing performances has risen. The airing of 'War and Beauty' has helped us cast members a lot." About rumours that Benny Chan earlier lowered his own price tag just so that he could work with Charmaine on the Mainland series, '帶我飛帶我走', Charmaine expressed that tabloids cannot be trusted.

Suki denied that she tried to avoid overshadowing Charmaine and explained that she wore clothing underneath because the dress was a bit loose. When asked if she did not want to steal the spotlight off Charmaine, Suki clarified, "Charmaine has a great body. But it was quite stressful when filming with her, I made sure I knew all the lines well before the camera rolled."

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Sehseh: Charmaine look fantabulous! I love it when she have side swept bangs - she look so sweet and young in this hairtyle.

[Forensic Heroes 2] is going to wrap up end of this month. It'll be March 2008 until she films another TVB series 《東關飄雨西關情》(tentative title with Joe Ma) and FH2 won't be aired until the fourth quarter of 2008 (at earliest).

On a side note, congratulations to Ada Choi on her engagement with Max Zhang. Glad that Ada finally found 'The One'.

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