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Monday, December 10, 2007

Astro TVB8 Sales Presentation Clip 2008

Credit to 雪子 from Raymond Forest.

TVB8 (a 24 hour mandarin entertainment channel owned by TVB) recently aired their sales presentation clips for 2008 and two of them features Charmaine.

One is a singing game show hosted by King Kong, where he challenges TVB artistes to join.

Another one is a Teenager Idol Search competition, where Charmaine will be the beauty coach for the contestant. (Raymond Lam = Photography/Posing, Michael Tse = Dancing, Roger Kwok = Acting)

Note: It's just a sales presentation clip, that means Charmaine is not committed to any of the shows yet.

p.s. Since I noticed a lot of people are requesting for [Maiden's Vow] themesong and subtheme lately, here's the download links:

Themesong: 蝶变 (Metamorphosis)

Subtheme: 禁戀 (Forbidden Love)

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