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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Metro Hit Radio Children Songs Award 2007

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Congrats to Charmaine for winning 2 major awards at yesterday's [Metro Hit Radio Children Songs Award 2007]!

Award List

Best Song Award: Charmaine Sheh 《 星 星 的 加 冕 》

Best Male Singer: Bosco Wong

Best Female Singer: Charmaine Sheh

Creative Award: 李 紫 昕

Best Duet Award: Myolie Wu & Bernice Liu 《 朱 古 力 与 云 尼 拿 》

Favorite Song Award: Angela Tong 《 We are family 》


Sehseh: Charmaine had a busy day... she have to rush to two event on the same day. Plus I think she cancelled an event in Mainland China because she's busy filming FH2. From her recent blog reply, she mentioned that FH2 will be filming until late December and she'll only be free in January 2008. She didn't mention when her new series with Joe start filming, hopefully she can have a break before that.

p.s. Charmaine has fallen ill again due to the hectic filming schedule, causing her to have breakouts as well. Get well soon!

Do check out the updates news of WTA promo below. Clips will be available in Monday/Tuesday.

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