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Monday, October 29, 2007

Word Twisters' Adventures booklet

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The story of [Word Twisters' Adventures] happens during the era of Emperor Qianlong, set at Guangzhou area. A notorious lawyer who enjoy going against the court officials; Fong Tong Keng (Michael Tse) with the nickname of "Fong Tong Lawyer" (Fong Tong also have the double meaning of 'absurdity') was feared by officials and planned to move to Guangzhou.

Tong Geng thought he could establish a powerful career in Guangzhou, but he bumped into Lap Lan Qing Qing (Charmaine Sheh); a daughter of a minor court judge (Yuen Wah). Nicknamed 'Jade Faced Captor' (Jade faced means beautiful, Luo Cha means a trap or dungeon), she is well versed in Qing laws since childhood and assisted her father in solving many cases. She is certainly a formidable foe against Tong Geng.

In a turn of events, Qing Qing met spoiled rich brat Chan Mong Kat (Jordan Chan). To pull a prank on Qing Qing, Mong Kat stole her top underwear and placed them onto the two Gabenor's head. This has angered the officials and Mong Kat was charged in court. Tong Keng feel interested in the case and agreed to represent Mong Kat in court, revealing Qing Qing's true identity as her father secret assistant. He also brought along the prostitutes from local brothel "Fung Loi Yee" to expose the embarrassing behaviors of the officials. Fortunately, Qing Qing quick wit saved the day and Mong Kat was punished to be beaten 30 strokes. Because of this, Mong Kat harbors resentment toward Tong Geng and Qing Qing.

After some time, Qing Qing started to admire Tong Geng and think that he is a suitable candidate as a husband. However, Tong Geng likes frequenting brothels and this have incurred the wrath of Qing Qing, making her devise a plot to close down the brothels as revenge. The first brothels she sets her eyes on are "Fung Loi Yee". She disguised herself as a male and enters Fung Loi Yee, only to discover that the true owner is Mong Kat. Thus the three of them clashed again. Due to an internal struggle in royal court, Emperor Qing declared that Qing Qing should be married to Mong Kat...

Character synopsis:

Jordan Chan as Chan Mong Kat

Have the nickname of King of Rebuke, always create trouble everywhere he goes. Though he enjoys pulling pranks on others, he also secretly helps others with his wits. People can't really hate him though he's pesky but won't hurt anyone, seemingly a bit cute.

Chan Mong Kat is born in a family of lawyers, his three ancestors before him were lawyers. His father was even given the title of King of Lawyers. Because his father made many enemies during his career, everytime he won a court battle, his wives will die (cursed). Therefore at deathbed Old Chan made a rule that Mong Kat shall never became a lawyer. Mong Kat realized that even though he has talent, he could only accept his fate and lived a playful lifestyle. His mother Poon Bak Fung (Wai Ying Hung) was more than happy to accompany him.

Michael Tse as Fong Tong Geng

Place emphasis on relationship and loyalty. For justice, he is willing to sacrifice himself. Due to oppression from Wo Shen (Lo Chun Shun), he became a bitter and sarcastic person, and enjoy humiliating officials as revenge. He is very stubborn in love relationship, once he is in love with a lady, he will love her whole heartedly

Fong Tong Keng is very ambitious since childhood. Because he exposed a wrongdoing by Qian Long trusted aide; Wo Shen, Tong Geng was expelled and blacklisted.

Since then, Tong Geng become very bitter and sarcastic, and especially despised court officials. To exact revenge, Tong Geng uses his skilled knowledge in Qing laws and became a lawyer, enjoying the process of humiliating officials in court. When he bumped into Chan Mong Kat, who was in trouble of angering officials, he agrees to represent him. Because of this he met Lap Lan Qing Qing, who equally challenged him in wits. They start to fall for each other, and even at the stage of getting betrothed but Emperor Qianlong ordered Qing Qing to marry Mong Kat instead...

Charmaine Sheh as Lap Lan Qing Qing

Quick witted and eloquent. Though haughty, she is kind hearted and have sense of justice. Growing up in the court assisting her father in judging cases, she has become independent and extroverted.

Born in a family of court officials, Lap Lan Qing Qing’s father is a martial art scholar. At a young age, Qing Qing is entrusted by her dying mother to assist her father behind the scene. Qing Qing have high standards for men, therefore she looked down on the slack Chan Mong Kat and fell for the famous lawyer Fong Tong Geng instead. In a turn of events, Qing Qing was embroiled in the relationship between Consort Yee (Sharon Chan) and Emperor Qianlong (Wu Fung). After settling the problems, Qing Qing was awarded "Lawyer's Robe" by Qianlong. But she did not expect Qianlong to betroth her to the person she looked down at: Mong Kat. She divert all her attention to work, constantly running into Tong Geng at court...

Wu Fung as Emperor Qianlong

On the surface, he is very amicable and generous, but in reality he is petty and egoist.

It was 35th year of Qianlong rule, and his 60th birthday. At this time, Qianlong's beloved Consort Yee was angry because he refused to make her the empress. She escapes out and set herself up at brothel parlor "Fung Loi Yee". Qianlong was furious when he heard this and wanted to execute everyone at the brothel parlor. Qing Qing manage to resolve the issue, and on the surface Qianlong awarded her the "Lawyer's Robe", but due to his pettiness he made her marry Mong Kat.

Sharon Chan as Consort Yee

Very beautiful, spoiled and haughty. Not willing to lead a normal life, insisted to become empress.

Consort Yee entered the palace during her teens, and Qianlong was already an aged man, making them a typical old husband, young wife pair. Due to her beauty, Consort Yee gained the love of Qianlong and was given high rank. However, Consort Yee was not satisfied and wanted to become empress to safeguard her position. Because Qianlong repeatedly denied her request, she ran out of palace to Fung Loi Yee to show her protest. Qianlong was furious. Luckily Qing Qing reversed the dangerous situation and they became close like sisters.

If reposted, please give due credit. I apologize in advance if I have made any mistake with the translation.

Jordan Chan sings the themesong:

Will post more translation summary later this evening and perhaps some new clips, if possible.

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