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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Voting at TVB anniversary award guideline

The annual TVB award is back! The votings steps are pretty much the same like last year, here's a simple guideline to refresh your memory:

1. You must register at as member.
(* means it's compulsory. You must confirm your membership via email)

2. After confirming your membership, you can now officially vote at:
(The answer is 40)

3. Start voting.
Important: Charmaine's chinese name is 佘詩曼. She is nominated in two category; Best Actress (as image above) and Most Favorite Female Character (below).

There's also two other nominations related to Charmaine, which is the Best Series and Best Promotion Clip category:

For Best Series category, if you wish to support Glittering Days, choose 01 東方之珠. Otherwise, choose 16 歲月風雲 for The Drive of Life.

For the full translated nomination list, you can refer them at AF here.

4. Confirm vote. In the bottom right, you will see two buttons.
Choose the right bottom to confirm:

5. Fill in your personal details.
You do not need HK ID to vote. Just fill in any number and choose your location as "Others".
There will be three buttons below. To confirm, choose the last one.

6. There, you're done! Thank you for showing support to Charmaine!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCharmaine is currently ranked Top 4 in her category at the moment. Regardless of whether she will win or not, fans please do vote for Charmaine, our favorite actress! Show 'em the power of fans!

Meanwhile, TVB will be airing the TVB 40th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony tonight (Sat Oct 6th, 2007) at 9.00pm (HK time). Don't miss it!

Added another interview clip during Lighting Ceremony, credit to Yuki from Raymond Forest:

Credit to Yuki from Raymond Forest.

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