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Saturday, October 20, 2007

TVB enters High Definition (HD) era; Artistes anxious

[The Sun 20/10/2007]

TV series are entering into the new era of High Definition. Due to the high screen details, artistes who are experiencing skin problems like Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung and Kenneth Ma are anxiously finding countermeasure to avoid revealing their 'true colors' onscreen.

To coordinate with the new image of High Definition TV station end of this year, TVB have started to film their series using HD technology. The artistes normally have to work day and night, therefore skin problems can easily arise. In the past they can camouflage it under thick makeup, but now it will be more obvious under HD lens. The artistes are panicky because of this.

Linda Chung who is filming two grand production series was one of the victims. She admitted that she's having skin breakout due to hormone imbalance. "Actually my pimples are small but numerous. Because HD is very clear it is very difficult to hide them, therefore I'll just try my best to act out my role. I will listen to the opinion of make-up artist, put on lighter make up, only cover up the area that have spots and learning more make up techniques." As for Shirley Yeung who experience break out frequently, she have 3 rescue tactics: "I can't worry too much, because the worried I am, the more spots I'll grow! I'm frequently using Chinese medicine and drinking soups prepared by my mum. Even if I'm busy, I will make sure to apply mask before going to bed every night." Vanity is not limited to ladies only, Kenneth Ma who have acne scars realized the potential problem and started visiting facial salon months earlier.

Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chan not worried

On the other hand, the smooth skinned Charmaine Sheh face HD era with ease and calmly replied: "I regularly do facials, but the most important thing is the company's skilled camera lighting techniques." As for Fala Chan, she is also not anxious: "I'm still young, so I don't need to feel anxious. However, the company has instructed me to apply a thin layer of foundation, including the neck as well."

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Sehseh: Actually, Charmaine is also prone to breakout due to her hectic schedule but it's not too serious. However, apart from that she does have glowing skin. Camera lighting is very important during filming, it can enhance your assets while hiding the flaws.

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