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Thursday, October 25, 2007

TVB 40th Anniversary Award promo clip

Artistes wishing TVB 'Happy Birthday'

Download the clip here.

Repost: Best Actress nominees

Download the clip here.
Both clips credit to Bebe from

Below are the important schedule for TVB 40th Anniversary celebration that fans should pay notice to:

* TVB Sales Presentation 2008
Nov 9, 2007

* TVB 40th Anniversary Award
Nov 17, 2007

* TVB 40th Anniversary Celebration
Nov 19, 2007

Speaking of TVB Sales Presentation, here's some pics of Charmaine filming "Hu Xue Yan & Lady Chef"《胡雪岩与厨娘》 with Bobby Au:

Lol... girls will be girls. Busy touching up her make-up. Pictures from Baidu forum.

Here's the magazine scan credit to Bebe again:

It's from a tabloid magazine, so no need there's nothing to elaborate.

Some [Forensic Heroes 2] filming update:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Charmaine filming surveillance scene with Ben Wong.

A little related to FH2 - Fans in mentioned about the bridal pics Frankie and Charmaine took many years ago (I think for a wedding magazine) so I dug them up from my pc folders:

Hehe... Charmaine's face is still very chubby back then.


jessie1314 said...

Thanks for all the uploads. I'm Jessie, also Sheh Malaysia fans. And I found out both of my idols (SS and Fung)are same with you. That is great! Do you have msn? Hope to know more Sheh fans from Malaysia. My msn is Hope to hear from you soon.

sehseh said...

Hi Jessie, nice to meet you. I don't use msn, but you can email me at if you want :)

Enjoy your stay here!

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