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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Music Movie: Agent J ( 特務J)

Doesn't know what took over me today, but it's a long time since I post anything non-TVB related. I have just subscribed to wireless broadband last week, and nowadays I lurks around more (sounds creepy, huh? keke...). Anyway, I am not a fan of Jolin (doesn't dislike her either) but I do want to recommend her newest music movie 特務J (pinyin is te wu J, meaning Special Agent J). This one hour music movie reputedly cost over USD1 million to produce and was shoot in different locations such as Paris, London and Bangkok.

Note: Spoilers ahead and rated M18 (nothing graphic, really)

Part 1: 《特务的宿命》Fate of an Agent

Beneath that angelic face, Agent J (Jolin Tsai) is a cold-blooded assassin. During one of her assignment in Paris, she ran into S (korean heartthrob Kim Jae Won), the bodyguard of one of her target. From thereon, S is obsessed in tracking down Jolin and manage to lure her to a rooftop. Just as Jolin shot him in the chest, he gave her a gentle smile...

I must say, Jolin looks smouldering in her femme fatale image. Though I certainly doesn't approve her skimpy black leather get up - she was supposed to be a stealth agent, but walking around with that S&M outfit, in Paris?! But I do love her black trenchcoat in the church. Ahemm, back to the story. It turns out that 3 years ago, KJW and Jolin are happily dating until one day where she suddenly goes missing. She was kidnapped by a secret organization and had her memory erased, transforming her into a emotionless killer. The reason why they choose her is quite cheesy, so don't bother with these plotholes. Jolin began to pick up some memories of her past through the last voice message left by KJW.

Rate: 3.5/5

Part 2: 《记忆的裂痕》Chasm of Memories

Part 2 moves to somewhere in the future, and Jolin is now in a bleaky prison filled with lonely women. As an exchange for freedom, she is assigned to execute "Bluebeard" in London. Her cover was blown and as she flees from Bluebeard henchmen, she was saved by a handsome photographer Lu Xiao Dong (Stephen Fung). It was love at first sight and soon enough, they moved in together with Dong not knowing that Jolin was an assassin. Or is that the whole truth?

Stephen Fung is mega hot! I mean sizzling hot! When he kissed Jolin's locket, I mean how, HOW can any women resist his charm? I think a lot of women out there are green with envy watching Jolin nuzzling his neck (and Stephen's naked top for 'color ladies' out there). One thing I don't understand - does Jolin have clause against kissing with her male co-star? Since the scene is supposed to be passionate, kiss for real lah!

Stephen is not as innocent as she thinks after all. He is Bluebeard's spy and was arranged to approach her (everything was a set up). However, just as he expressed his real feelings to Jolin, he was shot in the back by Bluebeard. As Jolin held his lifeless body in her arms, she did not said anything, but you can sense her sadness and emptiness in losing her true love.

Rate: 5/5

Part 3: 《幻觉的信仰》Disillusioned Beliefs

The last episode move a few year ahead, where Jolin arrived in the exotic land of Bangkok. Disguised as a nightclub singer, her next target is a Thai terrorist. To her shock, her ex-lover (and colleague) Vince (Carlo Ng), who was supposedly killed few years ago showed up as the target's henchman. Their cover is blown and Jolin escaped with the injured Vince. She hated him for faking his death, yet cannot resist re-igniting their sparks.

I'm not too familiar with Carlo's work, though I do know he's a famous model (and acted in some movies too). Compared to KJW and Stephen, Carlo have this dangerous edge look which suits his undercover role.

This ending is one of the saddest among the three, and honestly I did get a little teary eyed when Carlo bid his final goodbye to Jolin. I think Jolin did well in the scene where she got up in the car after and cried. The final scene at the airport; the custom officer asked if she have anything to declare. Cold as ever, Jolin said no. But in her heart, "Yes, I had loved."

Rate: 4/5

Clips credit to 堕落天使猫.

My conclusion? Good directing and cinematrography. Jolin fares well as an novice in acting, she needs to work more on her eyes expression. Maybe it's the language barrier, I coudn't feel the chemistry between her and KJW. Anyway, this music movie is worthwhile enough to spend your one hour plus on.

Last but not least, guys please stay away from Agent J. You might have 100% chance of ending up 6 feet under.


endlessjoy said...

Wow! Great Music Movie.

I actually thought that the first part was the saddest because I actually cried (almost non-stop) when Jolin was in KWJ's room remembering everything.

I cried a little towards the end of the second part. As for the third part...maybe I just got use to the sad feeling and didn't cry at all.

Question, so the three parts are all of the same character? It's not three different (unrelated) stories? At first I thought it was three different movies, but towards the end of the third part, the flashback of the past two parts should mean that the three parts are continuous. Am I correct?

sehseh said...

Yes, all three part are of the same character - Jolin as Agent J. This music movie is about her love stories which happen at 3 different time, and most probably in continuous format.

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