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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

[FH2] Kevin Cheng: "There are No Factions Within TVB!"

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Bobby Au Yeung, Kevin Cheng, and Frankie Lam filmed an outdoor scene for "Forensic Heroes 2" 《法證先鋒2》. The three crime scene investigators arrived to collect evidence at a traffic accident scene.

With the upcoming TVB anniversary in November, rumors claim that TVB management was split into 2 factions: with Stephen Chan Chi Wan leading one group while Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang heading the other group.

Allegedly, Ms. Lok's favorites, Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng may receive awards on Anniversary night. Kevin laughed and said the rumors were creative. Kevin explained that TVB artists were not broken into factions. Their main focus centered around acting only.

In response to claims that Kevin was Ms. Lok's favorite, he said, "No, that's not true! Stephen Chan also praised me! Mr. Chan is impartial when it comes to business matters. There will always be artists with stronger abilities than others. But I do not believe that factions exist among TVB artists."

Kevin's leg injury has gotten better. One scene required him to run with a grenade in his hand. Despite his injury, Kevin said he was able to film the scene.

Bobby Au Yeung mentioned that while filming a paint ball scene earlier, he got sunburned and his skin was peeling.

In an earlier scene, it was rumored that Charmaine Sheh's chest was touched by an extra. Bobby said that it was likely unintentional, as bodily contact was unavoidable during filming.

Source: Takungpao, Wenweipo

News translation credit to Jayne Stars.

Sehseh: I feel that I need to post this news to clarify things for worried fans. Charmaine was filming a fighting scene a few days ago, and during the struggling she was accidentally touched. They were filming a fight scene, so bumping unintentionally is unavoidable. Anyway, here's some edited pics of Charmaine in action:

I've edited the pictures above from a mag scan posted by Judy0988 in, because the original article is totally rubbish. So let's just be content of seeing Charmaine in action (remind us of Ah Fa in AOM, isn't it?).

Credit to loveron

Charmaine divulged a little about her role in FH2:

1. Her role is a police officer, quite high ranking.
2. She is very cool and analytical, very sharp at work.
3. Deep down, she is a sentimental person and try to help her ex-subordinate family after he died.

Hmm... not bad, I like seeing Charmaine in a 'cool' character. This character also serve as a contrast to the bubbly Ding Ding (Dr. Koo soon-to-be ex-fiancee).

On a side note, Charmaine got her driving license back. Barely days and the press is already following her around. Drive safely, Charmaine...

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