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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Charmaine Sheh: My must-haves for outdoor travel

"Everyone keep their special charm by their side, including myself. The four items below, I've always kept them by my side. There's no special reason, I simply like it.

My kitty purse

My powder box

My makeup bag

And my favorite handphone charm

Aren't they cute? Of course I can't help but bring them along with me! "

Sehseh: Translated from Charmaine's Blog. I usually doesn't translate Charmaine's blog entry (or rather, by TVB staff), but today's update is quite cute - not to mention her picture is gorgeous.

I also have another treat for you guys/gals. Remember that Charmaine is spokesperson for Besilke skincare? I'm sure that you have seen some of her ads, but not all 4 right? I managed to find a good quality version and merged all 4 together:

To download the clip, go here.

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