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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Charmaine Sheh Films [Forensic Heroes 2] in the rain

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Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung, Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam, and Ben Wong Chi Yin filmed a rain scene for "Forensic Heroes 2" 《法政先鋒II》in Yuen Long. It was Charmaine's last chance to meet up with narcotics undercover agent, Ben Wong. Since Ben worked as an informer, he was killed brutally by the narcotics kingpin.

Charmaine wore a fuschia evening dress and high heels to attend a wedding. However she received Ben's phone call. In order to get to the crime scene quicker, she ripped off the skirt of her long dress.

"This pink dress is from my private collection. It is difficult to find a dress that fits and contains fabric that is easy to shred. Since I have already worn this dress once before, I didn't mind sacrificing it for the scene."

Charmaine did not mind sacrificing her own dress. "There is not much use for it at home. Also the fuschia color is not very popular lately."

Yoyo Mung Ka Wai said she will not be celebrating rumored boyfriend, Ekin Cheng's 40th birthday on October 4th. Did Yoyo bake a cake or give him other gifts? Yoyo said, "I have not considered it. Work comes first."

How about having a birthday dinner with Ekin? "He has his own friends to celebrate with."

Source: Mingpao, Orientaldaily

News translation credit to Jayne Stars.

More pictures:

Sehseh: Poor Charmaine, she have just recovered from her flu and now she have to film hours under soaking wet dress. Don't the dress look familiar? Yes, it was the same one she wore in [AOM] during her 'birthday' date with Sek Sau!

More tidbits from other news article (some spoilers)
- Charmaine was attending a wedding ceremony as the Maid of Honor. However, she received news that her undercover agent (Ben) is death and she rushed over to the scene.
- Charmaine's character is very serious in work. As the long dress is hindering her movement, she ripped off the hem and ran in her high heels. Charmaine said she doesn't mind sacricing the dress, she is rather afraid of the running part as the road was slippery and she felt down before while filming DOP.
- Bobby, Frankie and gang were playing wargame when they discovered the body. Ben said that it was his most gruesome 'death' to date, with 6 puncture wounds on his neck.

Meanwhile, here's an interview clip of Bobby, Frankie & Kevin during FH2 shooting:

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Jojo said...

i swear, charmaine has one of the best posture ever. not matter in what clothes or position, she always carries such elegance and grace. she emanates art. by the way, some of these pics especially the profile ones, charmaine looks really young (looks almost like she's 20 years old) and very cute!

Funn Lim said...

she doesn't look 20, she just looks her age but a good her age.

Sehseh I don't think that's the same dress. Modified maybe but may not be the same dress.

sehseh said...

Lol... Funn, look like you're the one confused here. She have two 'date' with Sek Sau.

One is this fuschia dress, another is black (where he gave her diamonds)

I do keep her series, remember?

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