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Friday, October 12, 2007

Charmaine Sheh displaying her Fadan status

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[ 08/10/2007]

Buying new car and hiring personal assitant

This year's competition for Best Actress award in TVB anniversary is very intense. Last year's 'TV Queen' Charmaine Sheh was predicted to be nominated in Top 5 due to her role in [The Drive of Life], though she doesn't have much chance against [Heart of Great]'s Dai Kai and Sai Kai, but there's still chances of her being the dark horse candidate.

Private 'trailer' for outdoor filming

A lot of people commented though Charmaine have slim chance of winning, but no one can take away her status as Dongka Fadan (TVB big sister). Why is that? Since winning the Best Actress, she have upgraded her style. In the past, she have to carry her wardrobe and makeup bag all by herself but now she have hired a personal assistant to do these works. She even bought a comfy new 7 seater car that is normally used by big stars only. The vehicle make it convenient for her to rest in while filming outdoor scenes.

Hiring personal assistant and owning private vehicle is like the symbol of Charmaine's dongka fadan status. Actually, the above is very common in entertainment business as even some new singers enjoyed these priveleges. However, it is very rare among TV stars to have these. Charmaine is willing to invest money in personal assistant and vehicle, definitely displaying her status as big sister!


Image Hosted by Lol... Charmaine's is really 'ming but hui chuin' as one of TVB's richest actress. She have to pay all these from her pockets, TVB is infamous for their stinginess. Like the reporter mentioned, having personal assistant and owning private vehicle is nothing extra-ordinary among entertainment artistes like pop singers and movie stars. Maybe he/she have nothing to write...

I think Charmaine want to avoid driving as much as possible during working - she definitely want to stay away from those paparazzi's lens after she got her driving license back. Plus, having a personal assistant and driver is so convenient, she doesn't have to worry too much on her schedules. Btw, nice car... someone mentioned that it was a Toyota Alphard. Wonder how much it cost?

p.s. The reporter made a mistake with Charmaine's nomination. She is not nominated for DOL but [Glittering Days] instead. Bad, bad TVB execs!

Btw here's some pictures of Charmaine during a performance at a new casino in Macau last week. The crowd rushed towards Charmaine but luckily Tina rescued her from overeager fans:

There's also some pictures from tabloid mags, I didn't translate them because it's all rubbish.

Image Hosted by I hate those 'dogs' for editing Charmaine's dress in FH2.

p.s. Before this I have posted news of Charmaine going to Canada for concert performance with Kevin and Myolie. Canada & US fans, what are you waiting for?! If I have enough money to spare I will also go, because it's my 'cow one' that day...


nycaznk3lly said...

Do you know when Charmaine will be going to Canada and which part?

sehseh said...

It's at Toronot. More details here

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