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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

[带我飞带我走] Carry Me Fly and Walk Off airing in HK soon

TVB trailer

Credit to Bebe from

Charmaine old series with Benny; 'Carry Me Fly and Walk Off'' (yes, the official english title is that direct) will be airing soon on TVB pay channel. They will be airing in Cantonese version, but Charmaine's voice is dubbed.

Old visitors of my site will know that this is my most disliked series - mainly because of the redundant plot and of course Mr Chan. If it weren't for Charmaine looking so heartbreakingly beautiful in here, I would not been able to drag myself in finishing this series.

Funny thing is, this highly acclaimed debut work of producer Yu Zheng apparently was well received in Mainland China. Guess our taste is different *shrugs* I'm curious about the canto version as mine was the original mandarin.

p.s. Charmaine is really wonderful in here - Yu Zheng like her so much that he recommended her in "Qianlong" (also with Benny) and would have casted her as the lead in "The Last Princess" but she wasn't available due to [DOL]. Though I would rather not see Charmaine in another Yu Zheng series, I do appreciate the fact that YZ was so impressed that he named her as one of his favorite actress (top mention) in his blog.

Added: Opening video of Mandarin version


Mélanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mélanie said...

HI !
I didn't see this serie... =/
Can someone upload Carry me Fly and Walk off or give a download link about it please ? =)

Tony said...

yeah i really need a eng subtitle or canto version of this. it's really hard to find

Jobobobo said...

This TV series sucked! I HATED the ending.

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