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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[铁咀银牙] Astro On Demand promo clips

Note: Spoilers ahead!

Clip 1: Lap Lan Qing Qing, Chan Mong Kat & Fong Tong Keng's feud

Clip 2: Concubine Yi falls for 'Mr Gan Qing'?

Clip 3: Emperor Qianlong bestows marriage

Clip 4: Mr & Mrs Chan's adventures

Clip 5: Fong Tong Geng & Chan Mong Kat in trouble

Charmaine's trailer

Clip 6: Qing Qing placing attention on her career

Clip 7: Sleepwalking case

Clip 8: China's 1st Female Lawyer

Clip 9: Fong Tong Keng poisoning Qing Qing?

Clip 10: Chan Mong Kat wants a concubine, fighting with Qing Qing

A special thanks to a friend who recorded the clips for me. Yes, Astro AOD is offering Charmaine's new series: [Word Twisters' Adventures] which is aired at the same time with HK TVB.

I will try to post more clips once they're available. Meanwhile, for TVB promotional trailers, go here.

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