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Monday, September 10, 2007

[Press Conference] TVB 2008 Calendar shooting in Taiwan

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[ 2007-09-10]

Stanley Kwan to produce TVB Calendar 2008

In order to shoot for 2008 Calendar, TVB popular artistes have arrived one after another to Taiwan. Especially with the 2 "Kings" and 1 "Queen"; Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng appearing onstage, the fans become very excited.

Charmaine: "Being able to co-operate with Director Kwan is very fortunate, we are very trusting of the shooting." Roger: "I can't believe I'm working with Stanley on the calendar, I believe he will approach us again in the future."

TVB highly values Taiwan's market, therefore for their 40th anniversary celebration, not only did they select Taiwan for outdoor scenes, and they also invited renowned director Stanley Kwan to shoot the pictorial. However, Stanley is very secretive about the location and style of shooting; only divulged that it has a lot to do with natural scenery.

Stanley: "Every picture will definitely have elements of movie in them. For example, tonight we will be shooting at Taipei "Mini-Big Egg", the entire design will have strong scenic feeling."

The first time collaborating with Stanley Kwan, the first time coming to Taiwan for outdoor scenes, filled with bright artistes, TVB 2008 Calendar will be highly anticipated by fans.

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More pics credit to Nora & Baidu forum:

Sehseh: Charmaine look so pretty! I love it when the makeup emphasized on her lovely sparkly eyes. However, I'm a little worried as she looked pale (must be tiring!) and she had to rush back to HK today for [Forensic Heroes 2] costume tryout this afternoon. Hope she take care of her health!

A sneak preview of Charmaine at photoshoot location:

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