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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Forensic Heroes 2 Costume Fitting

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Source: Mingpao

No wonder Bobby Au Yeung was known as TVB's ratings guarantor. His series, "Fathers and Sons" had 37 points in average ratings in its finale week, peaking at 40 points! There were 2.59 million audience who tuned in to watch. "Fathers and Sons" was the program with the highest ratings last week.

Bobby appeared at the costume fitting for "Forensic Heroes 2" with Charmaine Sheh, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Shirley Yeung etc. As the producer of both "Fathers and Sons" and "Forensic Heroes 2," Miu Siu Ching turned the costume fitting into a celebration event! The champagne was popped to celebrate the high ratings!

Bobby laughed, "I am very happy that the ratings climbed an additional 5 points last week. I will treat for dinner. Ha Yu said he will bring along abalone!

Since "Forensic Heroes" will be filming a sequel, this demonstrated Bobby's ratings power. Bobby said, "I hope this series turns into a syndication similiar to American television program, CSI. Hopefully there will be a MK and Yau Ma Tei version for 'Forensic Heroes,' so that filming never ends!"

In the past, Charmaine and Shirley had rumors of incompatibility. At the costume fitting for "Forensic Heroes 2," the pair did not speak to each other and appeared to be awkward in their group photo.

Charmaine said, "Shirley and I already worked together for the second time in 'Always Ready.' We will not have any scenes opposite each other in 'Forensic Heroes 2.' I do not remember our past rumors."

Shirley said she did not have any problems working with Charmaine. Their past rumors were just a promotional tactic for their series.

News translation credit to Jayne Stars.


Image Hosted by Wow, I love Charmaine's ladycop image in here! Remind me of Ah Fa in [AOM] but of course this version is much more refined and feminine.

Anyway, I did not expect Shirley Yeung to be casted in the sequel - it's alright though, since she will not share too many scenes with Charmaine. I'm wondering who Charmaine is paired up with; Bobby or Kevin?

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