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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Clips and updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Don't worry, since Charmaine will be resuming work this week, there's sure to be more news updates coming!

First of all, here's some music clips that you have been requesting:

1. 爱在记忆中找你 by Raymond Lam (The Drive of Life subtheme)

2. 星星的加冕 by Charmaine Sheh (Little JITP animation themesong)

3. Ten Thousand Reasons by Zheng Yuan (Mandarin subtheme in DOL CCTV version)

Secondly, Charmaine divulged some news to fans at her Chongqing event today:

1. In Forensic Heroes 2, her role is a 督察 (Inspector of Police), she also carries firearm in this series.

2. After filming FH2, she hopes to film series in Mainland China.

Last but not least, Sau Fung returns tomorrow!

That's all for now. I'll post up her pictures in Chongqing when they're available!

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