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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Charmaine Sheh's Limelight in Shenzhen

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[Sina 26/09/2007]

It is no wonder that Charmaine Sheh is TVB's second highest earning actress. Despite being busy filming 'Forensic Heroes 2', the actress found some time to model for 3D-GOLD at an international jewellery festival in Shenzhen.

Dressed elegantly, Charmaine was responsible for modelling a set of jewellery worth $380,000. Charmaine, whose latest series 'Drive of Life' was broadcasted earlier in mainland, attracted the attention of many reporters.

News translation credit to dee-lush from Asian Fanatics forum.


Sehseh: [The Drive of Life] is going to be aired in Mainland China again on HunanTV channel. HunanTV is arguably the most popular channel in China, and we can expect DOL cast going to Mainland for promotional activities sometime soon.

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