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Friday, September 28, 2007

Charmaine Sheh obliges to fans requests

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[Oriental Daily 28/09/2007]

Frankie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Vivien Yeo and Raymond Cho filmed TVB series [Forensic Heroes 2] first outdoor scene yesterday. The scene is about Frankie making contact with the criminal suspect. Since it's not Charmaine's turn yet, she waited in the newly acquired car and watched some DVD. In between, a lot of passer-by approached her hoping to take pictures and autographs, which Charmaine happily obliges.

Frankie, who has been filming series in Mainland China for the past year expressed that filming in Mainland is much comfortable than HK because the former only require 12 hours of work daily. However, due to the comfortable working environment he gained some weight. Before filming [FH2], he went jogging every evening to reduce his weight.

Vivien resumes her previous role as a cop in this sequel and joked that she will request with the producer to add romance into her storyline, perhaps intimate scenes as well. She explains: "Being just a policewoman is so dull, hope there will be a kissing scene!"

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Sehseh: Finally, some FH2 filming news! I like Charmaine's hairstyle in here, it's similar to [Lady Iron Chef] cheery look.

Image Hosted by By the way, newly acquired car?! Does that mean Charmaine has just bought another car? Or it's just a temporary vehicle until she get her driving licence back?

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