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Friday, September 07, 2007

Charmaine receives jewellery worth $800,000

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[Ent Sina 07/09/2007]

Yesterday morning, TVB actress Charmaine Sheh appeared at Chongqing as a guest for 3D-Gold Jewellery store opening ceremony. Though it was weekday, a huge crowd gathered around to glimpse at her, creating congestion. The media found out that her brief appearance already gained her HK$800,000 worth of jewellery.

Receiving HK$800,000 worth of jewellery

Around 10:45am, Charmaine appeared in a sexy black tube top and shorts at Jie Fang Bei. The crowd calls out loudly as soon as she appears. When the crowd below praises her beauty, Charmaine got a little bashful and waved modestly at them. After filming popular TVB series like [Dance of Passion] and [The Drive of Life], Charmaine's value have skyrocketed. Yesterday, she appeared wearing a set of jewellery worth $400,000 given by the jewellery store. During the event, she is yet presented with another set of jewellery worth $400,000. In addition, this set was specially designed for Charmaine. Therefore, she earned a total of $800,000 worth of jewellery for this trip.

Doesn't dare to eat Chongqing hotpot

Yesterday was Charmaine's first trip to Chongqing. When asked about her impression of Chongqing, she commented that the night view is very beautiful, and the girls' skin is really nice. She knows that hotpot is a well-known food in Chongqing, but it's a pity she hasn't tried them yet, as she was afraid of getting pimples. She also gave some tips on how to take care of women's appearance. According to Charmaine, ladies should get adequate sleep and eat lots of fruits, paying more attention to their outlook.

Coming to Mainland after becoming popular

After the event ended, the media had a brief interview with Charmaine. She was asked if she have confidence in winning the Best Actress award in International Emmy award. Charmaine replied that she leaves it to fate: "Being nominated in International Emmy is one of the highest honour, I am already happy enough."

In regarding the rumor of the fierce competition to become the 1st sister of TVB, Charmaine said it's quite normal: "This is very common, but I'm okay with it, I don't give myself too much pressure, as long as I did my best."

Nowadays, a lot of ex-TVB artistes like Kenix Kwok have gone to Mainland China to expand their career. To this Charmaine jested; Wait until she got popular in Hong Kong, then she will expand her career in Mainland China. At 4pm in the afternoon, Charmaine left Chongqing along with her assistant.

Additional news article from Ent Tom:

Reporter: You are being nominated as Best Actress in International Emmy Award for your role in [Dance of Passion]. Do you have any confidence?

Charmaine: I leave everything to fate. However, it's the highest honour to be nominated in International Emmy, therefore I am happy enough.

R: Recently, you have participated in TVB & TTCV collaboration series [The Drive of Life]. Have you ever thought of coming to Mainland China to expand your career?

C: Of course there is. I really like collaborating with CCTV, because HK market is very small compared to Mainland. I hope more people get to watch my series. In addition, there's too much paparazzi in HK, artistes' privacy are not protected. I prefer the environment in Mainland.

R: Nowadays, a lot of ex-TVB artistes are coming to Mainland to expand their career, for example Kenix Kwok. Does this imply that they can't survive in TVB?

C: Of course not. It's common for those who have become popular in HK to expand their career in Mainland; it's a normal thing.

Waving goodbye to fans

Charmaine arrived at the airport at 3:45pm the day before, therefore a group of 20 plus fans rushed over from Sichuan for a close encounter. A fan told reporters, "Ah Sheh is really nice, as soon as she saw us, she reminded us to take care of our own personal safety. After going up in the car, she rolled down the window and waved at us." Another fan said that when they rushed over to the opening event, even though Charmaine have gone inside the hotel, she still came out on her own to take pictures with each of them.

Working class sneaked out to see their idol

It was weekday, but the crowd gathered early to watch their idol. One lady informed the reporter that she was from working class, "I usually doesn't chase after celebrity, and I was suppose to be working today. However, I really like her acting in [War & Beauty], I can't help myself to come and see her, therefore I made up an excuse to my boss and secretly sneaked out to see her."

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Image Hosted by Lol... Charmaine is one rich lady, hehehe... Wonder how many jewellery she accumulated since she participated in a lot of 3D-Gold store opening in the past.

Anyway, I haven't made an excuse to sneak out and see Charmaine. Everytime she came to Malaysia, and if it's a weekday - I'll just simply apply leave. No excuse necessary. Of 363/364 days in a year, I'm just a regular person. But when she comes to our shore... it's like I've joined a fans groupie. Lol...

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