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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fung Pong Romance - Special Edition

Announcement: Opening of Fung Pong (DOL) romance fiction site!

The original author Step, is a Charray fans as well so she decided to write a novelized version of the romance between Wah Zhen Pong (Raymond Lam) and Wing Sau Fung (Charmaine Sheh) in TVB-CCTV grand series [The Drive of Life], or better known in chinese as 《岁月风云》.

You can read the original version written by Step here: 风邦恋及续集

After religiously following on the chapter updates by Step, I feel that her work are too good to be missed, be it Charmaine fans, Ray fans or Charray fans.
(Okay, sehseh admit that she is not a Charray fan, but more like fans of both of them)

Therefore, out popped an idea to translate them into english. Myhelen is very wonderful for volunteering in the translation (since obviously I can't juggle two site myself...), and the most fantastic news is that Step have given us her blessings to translate her work.

Please note that Step wrote the story based on CCTV (mandarin) version, therefore there will a slight differences compared to TVB version. We will try our best to adjust and hope this will not spoil your enjoyment in reading the fanfic.

Last but not least, we would like to remind that the fanfic is exclusive to this site and Step. Please do not repost elsewhere. Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy reading!

Sehseh on behalf of translation team

Link to the site:

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