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Monday, August 06, 2007

[Eng Subs] The Indescribable Years: Charmaine Sheh

As promised, here's the translated version of The Indescribable Years: Charmaine Sheh. Sorry for the delay - my pc was fixed last month but I haven't find the time to finish the subbing due to my hectic work schedule (got promoted and still trying to cope with the workload).

I have to admit it was not my best work, but I tried my best in the translation to make it easier for some to understand the overall gist. Kindly excuse me if there is any unintentional mistake.

Part 1

Part 2

About the clip for download... well it seems like Sendspace and Sharebig are messing with me today. I've been trying to upload the clips but they always stopped midway, and because the clips are large in size, it took me a lot of attempts until I finally raised the white flag. Will try to re-upload when I have the spare time (another day, sorry!)

Anyway, the original clip (without english sub) is still available for download here.

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