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Saturday, August 25, 2007

[Drive of Life] Episode 30 proposal scene

For those who haven't realize yet, there is 2 totally different version of Wah Zhen Pong proposing to Wing Sau Fung in episode 30.


CCTV version

In CCTV version, Pong (Ray) told Fung (Charmaine) that they should get married that instant and dragged her onto a cab. After some persuasion, she agreed to get married in Las Vegas. After a romantic time in US, they came back and announced their marriage to their shocked parent.

TVB version

In TVB version, Pong told Fung that they should get married, but Fung is still mad so he kisses her non-stop until she agrees to marry him. The next day, they announced their wedding plans to family and friends and show off their wedding rings (lol... advertising for Luk Fook here).

Honestly, I would like TVB version to use the 'kiss proposal' scene and retain the wedding scene in Las Vegas because it's much sweeter. Plus, I'm not really interested in watching the disappointed look on Bing Yee (Myolie) face.

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