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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Charmaine's flight schedule

Got Patricia's sms early in the morning, so I hurried to post this up because I will be away from the internet the rest of the day (maybe I'll go online tonight, but no guarantee).

Here's Charmaine flight schedule for her event tomorrow in Malaysia:

Flight: CX 723
Departure time: 8.50 AM (HK)
Arrival time: 12.30 PM (KLIA)

Flight: CX 724
Departure time: 5.55 PM (KLIA)
Arrival time: 9.45 PM (HK)

1. For those who would like to join Patricia's group to KLIA, please be at Subang Parade at 9.45 AM (wait at backgate near Bamboo Cafe). The Express Bus fare is RM9.00 per person.
2. Referring to the post above, please do not practice the bad habit of Malaysian - DO NOT BE LATE!
3. If you do not have the fanclub official t-shirt, try to wear light pink t-shirt to the event.

Any urgent enquiry, just drop an email to Patricia's email:

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