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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Charmaine coming to Malaysia again!

Great news to Malaysian fans!**updated Aug 16**

Charmaine is going to come to Malaysia coming August 19 & 20, 2007 to be the judge for the finals of Minutes to Fame.

Venue: Piazza Street (The Curve Shopping Mall)
Time: 7.00pm

Do come and show support to Charmaine! Those who would like to join us, kindly email me or Patricia at

Note: If you don't have the fanclub t-shirt, please wear LIGHT PINK t-shirt to the event!

The fanclub is also arranging to welcome Charmaine when she arrive at KLIA airport, so please contact Patricia for further arrangement!

Source thanks to Tina and

p.s. Charmaine will also be attending A-Fontane promotional event in HK on August 18 (Sat). The venue is Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park), 2 p.m.


Freddy said...

Wow, I'm looking forward to this...
Please update me, ok.

Freddy :)
p.s. Charmaine Sheh Forever :)

sehseh said...

Sure Freddy, will update you. Have you signed up with the fanclub yet?

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