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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"The Drive of Life" Peaks at 34 Points

TVB spent $10 million (HKD) to promote "The Drive of Life" earlier. Finally, the Cantonese version was aired in Hong Kong on Monday. The average ratings was 32 points, peaking at 34 points. Approximately 2.2 million viewers tuned in. In the past, only the finale of a series would rake in such ideal ratings.

When the series first started, it pulled in 31 points and continued to climb to 33 points. At 10:29 PM, the scene flashed to Damien Lau Chung Yan meeting with his 2 younger brothers. Ratings peaked at 34 points during this scene, breaking a new record for the debut of a series.

Source: Takungpao, the Sun

News translation credit to Jayne Stars.

Sehseh: Congrats DOL! Hope the ratings will continue to increase! Image Hosted by

I have just watched episode 1-2 last night (got from rental), and I have decided to write episodic thoughts every 5 episode. So the coming batch will be episode 1-5. They will contain spoilers though, so do keep them in mind should you decided to read them once I posted.

Just curious, the rental I got did not have any subtitle. Is this the same with overseas like US, Canada, Australia etc? I really wished I have a plasma TV, because the series 16:9 aspect ratio (high definition) is too gorgeous to waste on small screen.

p.s. CCTV is airing the finale tomorrow (mandarin version), so I'll definitely catch it.

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Taelin said...

Sehseh, Canada won't get ANY rentals until probably when HK finishes airing. That's why I'm so angry right now xD

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