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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

[Drive of Life] New AOD trailer + Charmaine's clip

Astro on Demand 3 mins trailer *must watch*

Clip credit to Bape from Raymond Forest.
Download the clip

TVB clip: Charmaine forcing Damien & Gigi to kneel

Clip credit to Bebe from
Download the clip
Link 1 or Link 2.

Added: TVB Teaser 12

Clip credit to Bebe
Download the clip

Image Hosted by Did I just saw Myolie slapping Charmaine?! She must already become Ray's fiancee to have the gall to so. Hehe... wonder if Charmaine slapped her back, because her character is quite 'vicious'...

(Note: The other AOD clips can be viewed here)

The second clip is a feature on the scene where Charmaine threatened to abort her baby. They actually re-filmed the scene again after one week because Charmaine, Damien & Gigi feel that they could improvise one more time (IMO was rare of Damien, who reputedly never re-watch his own scenes. Prove how serious he was into DOL).

The third one is just a trailer featuring a mixture of scenes from other trailers. Nothing new, but you can watch it if you are interested.

DOL promotional news coming up tomorrow!

1 comment:

Serena said...

Yay! Charmaine's character is AWESOME =D Can't wait to see anyone gonna upload it on the net when it comes out in hk? =D

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