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Monday, July 16, 2007

Charmaine says she have sparks with Myolie outside series

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[Takungpao July 16, 2007]

TVB and CCTV collaboration series to commemorate 10th anniversary of HK handover; grand production series [Drive of Life] will be premiering tonight. The casts of the series such as Damien Lau, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Angela Tong, Toby Leung, Patrick Dunn, Rocky Cheng, Felix Lok, Ellesmere Choi and executive producer Poon Ka Tak attended a promotional event yesterday and attracted a huge crowd. There are rumors of disagreement between Charmaine and Myolie, and Charmaine suddenly declared that there are some sparks between them, fueling more speculation on the rumor!

Among the casts, Raymond Lam is the most popular. Apart from having a huge group of fans attending the event, he is the only one who received flowers. Myolie and Toby also have fans bringing banners and huge posters for support, while Charmaine's fans are more 'refined' and shout less louder than them. Before this, there were rumors of disagreement with Myolie, and when Charmaine was interviewed by the MC, she suddenly said that she and Myolie have sparks outside the series.

When asked why does she says so, Charmaine expressed: "I'm just joking. Having rumors of disagreement now is a bit late, as we already finished filming." Charmaine admitted that her friendship with Myolie have grown after filming this series and said that the sparks that she indicated are good ones, not those rumors. Is she confident that the ratings could surpass [Heart of Greed]? Charmaine hopes that it would be great if they have higher ratings, and the series and its casts will be more popular, so that they will have more opportunity to earn extra income. She said: "However, we cast could not control the ratings, as long as the audience discussed the series, we will be happy."

Myolie is afraid of Charmaine in the beginning

On the other hand, Myolie was asked of her feelings collaborating with Charmaine. She admitted being afraid of Charmaine in the beginning, as back then the media reported them as fighting for award and also they will be slapping at each other in the series over a guy. However, after working together they have become friends. Myolie says: "Sometimes when I saw her wearing nice clothes, I will ask her where she bought it." As for Charmaine indicating that they have sparks outside the series, Myolie explained that she is just joking. Working with William Feng this time around, Myolie admitted there are also a lot of sparks.

Damien was asked if he have confidence in the new series ratings? He expressed that he never thought of this question. When mentioned that Adam Cheng's handover series [Wing Kwai] will be aired on ATV, will he be worried if audiences start making comparison? Damien expressed that he have never thought of it, and indicate that the series airing time is different, so audiences can choose for themselves. In the series, Damien's character require him to work with many characters, therefore he admits that he felt pressured. Working with newcomers in this series, Damien also openly praised them as eager to learn.

In addition, to reward the cast and production crew, tonight Poon Ka Tak and Tommy Leung will be sponsoring a dinner so that everyone can watch the premiere episode together.

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Sehseh: Finally, the long wait has ended! Hope the rental will be available this evening (or tomorrow)!

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