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Friday, June 22, 2007

Michael is Gracious, Charmaine is Embarrassed

Credit to Bebe

[Ta Kung Pao 22/06/07]

As company spokesmodel, Charmaine Sheh took part in a promotional event yesterday for HK Health Check, along with guests Michael Miu, Eunis Chan, Wong Yi Hing and Karl Ng, who were all presented with Black Card memberships worth $100,000.

After their rumours whilst filming together, Charmaine seemed a little unnatural when asked to pose with Michael, but Michael was very gracious and even put his hand on her shoulder, laughing: "Don't say that we did not want to be photographed together!" Afterwards, Charmaine denied being embarrassed and says that Michael has a wife, so she does not want any more rumours. So did she help Michael get the job yesterday? Charmaine denies that she introduced him to the company and says that her reports with him are not gossip, just jokes. Charmaine says that she will do a body check once a year and hopes that her membership will also benefit her family.

Michael seemed relaxed whilst talking about the rumours and smiles as he explains: "It turns out that Charmaine has a friend who is also called 'Sam Gor' [Michael's Nickname], so this led to a misunderstanding. In reality, I only every buy flowers for my wife and will never give them to any other women." Michael laughs that it doesn't matter what the magazines write as long as it is entertaining, but to do things that are detrimental to others is not a good thing. As for Charmaine revealing that he has never had a body check before, he admits this and says: "I have been evading having a health check because I am worried if they will find something. However, I do understand the importance of health now and I will try to cut down on my smoking for this reason." Also, Eunis reveals that she had a tumour earlier, but it has since been removed. She has learned from this the importance of good health.

News translation credit to Em TVBspace.


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