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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mag scan: Charmaine on 女人我最大夏季號

Mag scan credit to Ritatazi and Bebe from

Image Hosted by Oh, so gorgeous! I could stare at the pic all day (but I haven't bought a new hard disk and fix my pc yet..) If only I could make a wallpaper and put it on my office pc.

The scans are from Taiwanese beauty magazine 女人我最大夏季號. I'm not sure of the english title, was it WQueen? Anyway, I hope this magazine can be sold in Malaysia. Hmm... maybe I should head to Kinokuniya after this and have a look...

p.s. I notice that there's request for Charmaine's subtheme in Maiden's Vow, so here's the download link again: Gam Luen.

Also added: LWOLAP themesong 出鞘 by Ray.

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