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Friday, June 15, 2007

[Drive of Life] Promo continues...


Scoop, June 13

Credit to Raymond Forest.

Scoop, June 14

Credit to Bebe from

娛樂新聞台, June 14

Credit to Bebe from

Chinese ent channel

New! Scoop, June 15

New! Ent Tom clip

New! 娛樂新聞台, June 13

New! Scoop, June 18

Cute clip of DOL cast celebrating Michael Miu's bday.

p.s. There were actually more clips, but youtube disallowed rmvb files and I failed uploading to tudou even nearly 3 hours. Updated more clips on June 20.

Press conference, Shanghai

Sponsors' banquet:

Beijing Press Conference:

More credit to gloomysyd &

Interview recording (Credit to gloomysyd from

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