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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Drive of Life] Filming clips & new pictures

Clip 1: Bridegroom with the sexiest voice

Download the clip here.

Ray got a bad flu, he barely could speak in the clip above. Damien runs around with his digital camera.

Clip 2: Ray and Feng Shao Feng filming hospital scene

Download the clip here.

It talk about a scene where Ray and Feng Shao Feng got involved in car accident. Notice how Damien like to banter with Gigi Wong, especially about 'macho' men. Lol...

Clip 3: Filming racing scene in freezing temperature

Download the clip here.

Ray, Damien, Gigi & Michael filming in freezing temperature. Someone mention that it's 0 degree out there. Brrr...

Clip 4: Cast filming at Ningbo

Download the clip here.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThis clip is really amusing! First, Charmaine and Jess said that they want to have steamboat for dinner. Michael Wong then said that he's starving, so Joe and Jess offered him cup noodle (they had to speak english). Later, Feng Shao Feng show off his Cantonese skill which is really cute!

Clip 5: Father and son, Ron and Benz

Download the clip here.

I never realized that Mary Hon is such a humorous person. Lol... they even joked about how cliche the scene will be.

New pictures in gallery: (NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

View the rest of the official gallery here.

Sehseh: There's actually tonnes of pictures and clips of the cast promoting DOL in Shanghai, but I had a really busy day. I will try to update later tonight.

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