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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Drive of Life" Cast Fly to Shanghai for Promotion

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[Ta Kung Pao 12/06/07]

Michael Miu has had plenty of female co-stars since returning to the TV scene and has also had his fair share of rumours, first there was Toby Leung and then Charmaine Sheh. The three were joined by Charmaine's other rumoured flame Joe Ma yesterday as they flew out to Shanghai to promote their forthcoming series "The Drive of Life".

Others on the trip include Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam, but all the rumoured parties were happy to chat away with each other when they met and openly posed for photographs. However, when asked to pose with Charmaine, Michael seemed to be a little wary and immediately pulled over Sheren and Raymond to join them. Sheren responded cheekily, saying: "Hey, it's nothing to do with us!"

Asked how he felt about this trip with his two rumoured ladies, Michael smiles: "It's okay!" As for whether his wife Jamie Chik would be going with him, he says she does not come every time and only if she has time. Talking of Charmaine's rumours, he says that no matter who they write about, he will not avoid them because the most important thing is that his wife believes in him. He says: "First Toby, now Charmaine, it is so confusing and we have to be a threesome, why not put my wife and Sheren into the mix too?" He says that this is all just gossip and is highly unbelievable.

As for the other pairing of Charmaine and Joe, they did not speak to each other at yesterday's gathering. Joe arrived late and seemed to be ignoring Charmaine when he saw her. When they were asked to pose together, they seemed very reluctant and stood far apart from each other. Charmaine later happily posed with Sheren and Toby. Asked how she felt about going on a trip with her rumoured partners, she says: "The gossip is so untrue. (It says Michael gave you 99 roses?) The roses were from another friend." Asked whether she would be avoiding Michael, she says she is not afraid because each time they go out, it will be with a big group of people. Toby also does not believe that Michael would send her the flowers because as his 'daughter' he has never sent her any flowers.

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