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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Charmaine at Bésilke skincare promotion, Shenzhen

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[Ent Sina June 3, 2007]

TVB Dong Ka fadan Charmaine Sheh have busy schedule, even though recently busy filming new series [Steel Lips Silver Teeth], she took out free time on June 2nd to appear at Shenzhen for a skincare promotion in which she is the spokesperson. From her appearance to leaving the venue, the busy Charmaine only appeared less than half hour; even the interview with reporters were held at the outdoor event. Even though it rained, it still attracted a huge group of fans waiting to see their idol.

Busy filming [Steel Lips Silver Teeth], not leaving TVB

Discussing of her current work, Charmaine disclosed that she is recently busy filming TVB new series [Steel] until mid July. Mentioning Jordan Chan in which she co-operates for the first time, Charmaine feel that he is a very capable actor. During filming, he's not as showy as previously imagined, their co-operation is quite enjoyable.

[Heart of Greed] receive great popularity lately and received high ratings, when Charmaine mentioned about her new series [Drive of Life] which will be broadcasted in July, she expressed that this series is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of HK handover to China. It has a good script, stellar cast and she have confidence that the ratings can surpass [HOG].

Previously, there were rumors that ATV intended to lure TVB siusang and fadans over, and Charmaine is one of ATV's target. Mentiong this question, Charmaine explained that she still have several years of contract with TVB, and her relationship with TVB have always been good, so she have not thought of jumping ship.

Disclosing her criteria for boyfriend, avoiding to discuss Benny Chan

Apart from busy filming TV series, Charmaine's personal life is also rumored to be as colorful as her series. Endless rumors since entering showbiz, but repeatedly being denied by her. Mentioning her criteria for boyfriend, Charmaine who have just celebrated her 32 years old birthday disclosed that she will leave romance to fate. There are no specific criteria, just that the guy must be taller than her, dotes on her and hardworking.

When reporter asked if Benny Chan matches her criteria, Charmaine did not answer directly, but expressed that they are only good friends, perhaps leaving a leeway for further development.

Image Hosted by Could they please stop mentioning Benny Chan? Gosh, that is so yesterday's news! Argh!!!!

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