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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yan Kuan and Charmaine Sheh friendly golf match

[Sohu May 10]

Recently (April 27), Mainland China popular actor Yan Kuan, and Hong Kong popular actress Charmaine Sheh attended a launching event in Shanghai. Afterward, they’re invited by the host for a friendly match at a indoor golf course, demonstrating a male versus female match in front of the honored guests.

Golf has always being boasted as 'sports of the nobles'. And Yan Kuan, who is talented in TV, movie and singing, with his family background and persona revealing noble aura is the perfect example for this sport. Yan Kuan executes his swings correctly, the smooth strike resemble the shadow of Tiger Woods. No wonder all his swings received continuous applause from the guests.

Certainly as his opponent, Charmaine are not to be looked down at, winning the applause of the guests with one powerful swing. Their levels was equally matched. Yan Kuan who was constantly filming indicated that he really likes playing golf, but unfortunately he is always working outside, after finish filming he still have several activities to attend. When he reached home, it's already late at night therefore he's feeling a little sad that he's unable to play outdoor golf course. He really like the idea of indoor golf course and hope that he will have frequent chance to play indoor golf.

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Sehseh: Wow, I don't know that Charmaine is good at golf! There's no stopping our superwoman, lol...

Anyway, I was curious who Yan Kuan was and searched his details online. Turn out he's playing Leila's husband in [The Last Princess] (which was said by the director to have originally casted Charmaine as the female lead) and he's hot! He got that dangerous edge, perfect to play dashing villains. And he's really a golf buff, many of the pictures I googled shows him playing golf :P

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