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Friday, May 04, 2007

Tabloids, tabloids everywhere

To prevent 'doggie team' from following, Charmaine will need camouflage lesson

Note: This is a just a commentary I did and is not regarded as news. It contains my personal opinion and I do not wish to see them reposted.

It's been quite some time since Charmaine was 'featured' in different tabloid magazine at the same week. The last time was during [Dance of Passion] promotion, man, the leading ladies are everywhere in weeks upon weeks of tabloid cover!

Even though being 'featured' means you have news value, needless to say I'm not very happy to see Charmaine's names splashed across stupid headlines. Especially those barely even related to her. Imagine my horror since this week, there were at least 3-4 tabloids magazines 'featuring' Charmaine.

Case 1: Benny living in Charmaine's downstairs apartment
Culprit: Next Magazine
Storyline: Benny trying to woo Charmaine back

Image credit to Kuangai TVB

Hello?! Benny have all along owned an apartment in the same building as Charmaine's. As of if there is any 'getting back together', it's Charmaine's personal business and only time will prove. Of course, with Benny being caught numerous time in the arms of various women, let's just say I'm not keen of this possibility.

Case 2: Joe Ma and Benny Chan fighting over Charmaine
Culprit: Oriental Sunday
Storyline: Joe and Benny almost got into fists fight at Charmaine's home.

Image credit to Kuangai TVB

Now, this is creative. It said that Joe and Benny almost broke into fight but they notice reporters are downstairs, so Benny have to call his manager over to escort both Joe and himself from the apartment. Well, the truth is that Joe was visiting Benny at his own apartment as they knew each other since [Journey to the West 2]. Well, at least we know that Charmaine was really close friend with Katherine Chow Ka Yee (her servant in WAB), since she borrowed her beloved SLK350 to Katherine for her personal use.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHow I wish I have a friend who will borrow me her million dollar sport car.

Anyway, today in reply of the rumors above, Benny denies and threatened to sue the magazine. Benny, please do. As long as you clarify about Case 1 while you are at it.

Case 3: Something's going on between Charmaine and Raymond Lam
Culprit: 3 Weekly
Storyline: An affair relationship sparked during a kissing scene in [Drive of Life].

Image credit to BAPE from Raymond Forest

Err... isn't this news a bit too late or early? Too late in terms that the scene above was filmed many many months ago, somewhere late last year. Too early in terms that [Drive] will not be aired until July 2007. Maybe it was a strategy to divert the focus away from another recently ugly rumor of Ray? Rumors above are very common and often used to promote series, so no need to pay attention to this. I must say the caption and picture of Ray and Ron in TOB was fittingly funny.

Case 4: Ron Ng and Toby Leung hooking up
Culprit: Express Weekly
Storyline: Toby Leung says: "I'm really close with Ron!"

Image Hosted by
Image credit to Kuangai TVB

Seriously, no connection at all with Charmaine and yet they use her picture on the cover. The article inside is apparently about Toby gushing how chummy she was with Ron, how many sms-es she sent him (hey, the magazine said that, not me).

Image Hosted by I nearly fell asleep.

I'm heading back to translating articles with substance!

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