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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Rumoured Boyfriends at Charmaine's Birthday Party

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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 29/05/07]

Yesterday was Charmaine Sheh's 32nd birthday and her manager arranged a birthday party for her the night before at a Causeway Bay bar. Many showbiz friends were there to celebrate with her, including Jordan Chan, Kenny Bee, Bobby Au Yeung, Gallen Lo and Michael Miu, but rumoured boyfriends Benny Chan and Ron Ng were nowhere to be seen. As Charmaine did not have to work on her current series "Steel Lips Silver Teeth" that night, she stayed out from about 11pm until 4am and although she was wearing sunglasses when she left, she did seem to be a little drunk.

Hehe... seems like they noticed her bling-bling.

Charmaine attended her celebration wearing a white top and silver hotpants and as well as receiving flowers, she was also given some beer and two boxes of whisky and of course a birthday cake, in fact there are reports that she received 3 cakes and also 99 roses. When she was waiting outside and saw the reporters, Charmaine indicated she was afraid of it raining, but she was thankful to her friends for attending as she has received a lot of gifts. Asked what her birthday wish was, she says she wishes for good health and to just let love run its course. She also hopes for some good scripts. Asked if Benny has called her with his greetings, she just said goodbye and entered the venue again.

Timmy Hung attended with his girlfriend, but did not have a gift for Charmaine as he joked that Charmaine did not give him anything either. Gallen and Al Wai gave her a blank cheque for her to fill in, whilst Michael laughed the best present for her would be to make her drunk.

News translation credit to Em TVBspace.

She needs to gain more weight!

Some of the guests:

Gosh, what happened to Michael Tong?! Look like Tarzan... Btw, I never noticed that Kong Zhong Ping is that good looking (4th pic, 1st row). He's Charmaine makeup artist and one time rumored beau. Who's Timmy girlfriend? She's quite pretty and sweet looking.

It's great to see Gallen back - he's filming a new TVB series in August. Charmaine's mother also came back to HK to celebrate her birthday, and Kenny Bee is a longtime acquantaince of her mother.

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