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Friday, May 25, 2007

News update

1. Charmaine goes shopping

The article is from the infamous Next Magazine, but luckily this time around it does not focus too much on gossip. Anyway, it's nice seeing Charmaine taking break. I wonder if she's planning to redecorate her apartment, since majority of the items she browsed and purchase are household furniture and decor.

End of the day, she just want to be a normal person, like everyone else. But unlike us, shopping and walking around malls are a rare treat for her...

2. Charmaine & Jordan filming series

Mag scan credit to Qeggegg from

Lol... Jordan is ever playful. In the article, it mentions that Charmaine couldn't sleep the night before because she was too nervous about the difficult script. Beginning of the series, Charmaine and Jordan's characeters are often at odds with each other.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCharmaine's birthday are coming soon this Monday (May 28)! Hope she doesn't need to film on that day! The birthday gal deserves to relax, right?

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