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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jumping ship, anyone?

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Title says: Charmaine Sheh jumping ship to ATV

Don't worry, before you scream "Oh, NO!" and tear your hair out, rest assured that this is FAKE RUMOR.

In response to the rumor above, Charmaine have officially denied it during a radio interview today. You can download the radio interview here.

I will not be going into details, but to summarize the article above, it says that ATV is offering Charmaine over HKD10 million to jump ship over to their company. They are even willing to pay compensation to TVB for ending her contract before expiry.

On a side note, Virginia Lok have persuaded many siusangs and fadans to extend their contract to 10 years, including Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Vivian Yeo and Fala Chan.

p.s. It says that Charmaine's contract is going to expire next year. But her contract supposely have another year, since she mentioned last year that she still have 3 years contract.

Image Hosted by Sorry anti-fans for bursting your bubbles!

In addition, I found this news in, credit to Bebe:

Charmaine's news is featured on Yahoo! Japanese news! Wow! They even introduce Charmaine's official fanclub!

Way to go, Charmaine! Gambate!!!

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