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Friday, May 04, 2007

The chubbier her manager, the happier Charmaine is

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[April 20, 2007 Oriental Daily Taiwan]

Body figure representing income

The relationship between an artiste and their manager are close like family. Me and my manager, Tina went through 7 years together, from strangers to soul mate and into a stage where we are mutually dependant. Tina's figure also becomes my representation of income, increasing every year. The most appreciative thing is that our relationship are not affected by the "The 7 Year Itch", but instead become closer by day.

Actually, Tina was not the person that 'brought' me up. After taking part in MHK pageant, I signed contract with TVB. Initially, there was another supervisor taking care of me, and afterward Tina took over. At first, we are not familiar with each other and lacked communication. Until one time when we are out on a trip to Malaysia, we have a deep conversation and hence started to have an understanding of each other. That was a good start as both of us had a discussion.

Can't forget how she sacrificed to protect me

Once, we went to Mainland China for promotion. There was a parade and countless number of audiences. The situation became out of control, therefore all crew have to wear a pass to distinguish themselves. However, Tina's pass was dropped in amidst the pushing. The security guard thought she was a passerby and nearly strikes her. Out of natural reaction, I held both her (security) hands and angrily scold her. However, instead Tina told me not to because there were reporters around and she was afraid there will be negative news. I was deeply touched by Tina sacrificing action and our relationship progressed into another level.

In regard of drawing a pig to represent Tina? Hehe! Because she is chubby! Though at one stage she slimmed down successfully, but the strange thing is that whenever she reduced her weight, my business will follow her weight and decrease. On the other hand, when she was cutie chubby she brought luck to me. Therefore, I order her not to lose weight, and the food lover Tina constantly cannot control her appetite, therefore she gave up in the end.

Article translation: Sehseh

Sehseh: Hehe... Charmaine is so mischievous!

I myself have met Tina a few times and I found her a very good manager to Charmaine. Though some people might find her strict and even dislike her for 'preventing' them to approach Charmaine, she's just doing her job - placing Charmaine's work and importance first. She is actually a very understanding and responsible person. Last week I found out from Kuangai TVB that Tina have been promoted (congrats Tina!) and she could no longer manage artiste, therefore Myolie and Bosco changed manager. However, Charmaine insisted Tina to continue to be her manager, so we'll see how.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHopefully they'll stay together at least until Charmaine's contract expires in three years.

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